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 Technographic information




Providing power

"The other component needed is the cell, which will supply the power surge that is necessary when attached to the spire."
- EGO - Main Mission:Enter the Lawkeeper

An Ark-Cell is a piece of Votan technology that controls Terra-spires.


Ark-Cells work with the Ark-Matrix and an Ark-Core and provide a power surge when attached to a spire. ("Main Mission:Into the Depths", "Main Mission:Enter the Lawkeeper") Cells have tracking anodes installed. ("Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery")


An Ark-Cell was discovered by Varus Soleptor in the Bay Area. It was being transported by Echelon mercenaries when they were attacked by the Ninety-Niners who removed its tracking anode. ("Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery") The cell was taken by Jackleg Joe who incorporated it into his cybernetics, allowing him to produce a personal defensive shield. He was defeated by Rosa Rodriguez and an ark hunter and the cell was taken. ("Main Mission:Ulterior Motives", "Main Mission:A Bullet for a Badman") The ark hunter turned the cell over to Karl Von Bach who connected it to the core. It activated the core momentarily and its AI infected Von Bach. ("Main Mission:Thorn In Their Side") When Nim Shondu was encountered on the Golden Gate Bridge and he took the core and the cell. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness")