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 Biological information



"This species is pure Votan energy. It's highly lethal."
- Niles Pottinger - This Woman's Work

The Gulanee are a Votan race from the planet Gula.



Gulanee are composed of energy and do not have a gender. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18") Gulanee require Gulanee vessels or Gulanee Containment cylinders to survive within Earth's atmosphere. When exposed to Earth's atmosphere they dissipate quickly. ("Data Recorder:Containment Suit", "This Woman's Work") Gulanee produce a radiation that interferes with all sorts of technology, causing them to be shunned by most communities. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18")


Gulanee culture is very homogeneous. [1]


The Gulanee were discovered by the Indogene when they explored Gula. A deal was made for them to help extract Gulanite in exchange for spots on the Arks. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18") When time came to board the Arks and leave the Votanis System, the Gulanee found that they were among the races that had less spots than the Castithans, Irathients and Indogene. ("New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World") Most Gulanee decided to remain on Gula, confident they would survive the destruction of the Votanis System. ("World of 2046: Aliens")

Around 2031, an alliance of former Biomen and Gulanee soldiers took over the city of Vancouver and declared British Columbia to be their own personal empire. ("World of 2046: 2046 Map", "History Rhymes") Joshua Nolan used a Pulse Rebounder to stop a Gulanee in Juárez. A Gulanee in a containment cylinder landed near Defiance where it killed many Earth Republic soldiers. It was stopped with a Pulse Rebounder and its suit was busted open, killing it. ("This Woman's Work") Two Gulanee soldiers fought in a battle near Amarillo. ("Mission 06: Prevent the Enemy's Escape")