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 Biological information



"It was a very Human impulse to decide to overcome their biological differences to produce a child."
- Eren Niden - Episode Mission:On Record

Humans are the native race of Earth.



Human are diploid, inheriting one set of chromosomes from each parent. ("Intel:Making History") Humans can somewhat easily interbreed with Castithans but require medical intervention to interbreed with Irathients, as well as other races. ("Intel:Viable Embryos", "Intel:Making History", "Episode Mission:On Record") Humans have a Y chromosome. ("Intel:Viable Embryos") Humans are susceptible to Viral hemorrhagic fever and kills most afflicted. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") Humans pregnant with Castithan-hybrid children will develop an enhanced sense of smell, similar to that of Castithans. ("Doll Parts", "Inside Defiance: Episode 23") Vysudium, when exposed to humans, can cause violent outbursts. ("Data Recorder:Faith") Human females have a major erogenous zone called a "G-spot". ("Good Bye Blue Sky")


Humans may have had a common ancestor with the Votans due to them being able to interbreed. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 10") Human females were once subjugated somewhat by males, similar to Castithan woman, until they banded together to change things and "burn their bras". ("This Woman's Work") In 2013 humans learned that they were not alone in the universe when the Votans arrived at Earth. ("Votans and Humans: Together at Last?") Karl Von Bach produced an Environmental Guardian Online device that worked with humans. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Heir Apparent") The Neo Votanis Front spliced Dog DNA with Shrill. They also spliced dog DNA with Human DNA and added it to Hellbug DNA. ("Main Mission:Operation Siren Song")

Known Humans