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 Biological information



"Sensoths have the longest life span of all the Votan races, often living as long as two centuries. This has made them a very patient people."
- Loading screen

The Sensoth are a Votan race from the planet Irath.



Sensoth are usually plodding and methodical in their activities. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 7") There is little physical differences between males and females. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times") Sensoth lifespans are the longest, some living as long as two centuries. ("Loading screen")


Sensoth culture is very homogenized due to their subjugation by the Castithans. [1]


Sensoth originated from the Great Tarnalin Forest on Irath. ("World of 2046: Aliens") When the Castithans invaded Irath, they subjugated the Sensoth, Irathients and Liberata. [1] When time came to board the Arks and leave the Votanis System, the Sensoth found that they were among the races that had less spots than the Castithans, Irathients and Indogene. ("New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World")


  • Sensoth faces are a mixture of prosthetics and animatronics. The mouth, lips and jaw are moved with radio-controlled servomotors attached to a fiberglass under-skull. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 1")