101 Keys Island

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101 Keys Island

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Bay Area



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101 Keys Island is an island in the Bay Area.


The island has a reactor on it. ("Pursuit:Conquer 101 Keys") Access to the island can be made from Heaven's Gate in Madera. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Go to the Source") There are a large number of wrecked ships on the islands coast. ("Explosions 101")


Varus Soleptor gained control of this island and used it as a refueling station. ("Explosions 101") He drew the Gulanee Dy'Dekuso here with the promise of a Gulanee vessel but used it to trap him. ("Data Recorder:Containment Suit") Some thieves accidentally released Dekuso who brought Raiders to the island and took over it. ("Data Recorder:Soleptor Warehouse - 84/221SES", "Explosions 101") The Raiders began shipping all the stolen Gulanite from the Bay Area here and reactivated the reactor on the island. ("Pursuit:Conquer 101 Keys") Varus hired ark hunters to come the island and take the Raiders out. They planted explosives around the island and fought a Raider Hulker there. They confronted Dekuso and destroyed him before fleeing the island as it exploded. ("Explosions 101") Dekuso managed to survive the attack and reformed, but was soon again confronted and defeated. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Deposing Dekuso")