Adjusting to Life on New Earth

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Adjusting to Life on New Earth is an article from the Defiance News dated June 14, 2030.


A guide from your friends at the EMC

Arkfall. No event in human history has come close to matching the utter devastation that’s been left in its wake. Billions of souls lost, entire cities erased, strange plant and animal life infesting our once beautiful planet. Yet here we are, not even six months later, bravely picking up the pieces. We’ve all lost something. But in the process of starting over, we all have to ask ourselves: What does terraforming mean to me?

Have you lost family or loved ones? It’s a sad reality, but we have to realize we’re no longer living in the digital age. Many things we once took for granted are gone. That includes cell phones, the internet... even reliable ground and air travel. We’ve all lost people we care about. The EMC understands that it’s the not knowing that’s the hardest part. That’s why we’ve started a database of missing persons. If you’re still trying to get in touch with lost family and friends, please contact your local EMC outpost. And be patient: you will be faced with a long and maybe even fruitless process.

Do you plan on traveling? This is a strange new world, full of unknown dangers. The majority of our roads have been demolished. The landscape has been so radically altered that navigation can prove impossible. Bandits and highwaymen prey on the weak. Swift and unpredictable micro-climates swoop in and take travelers by surprise. But even more dangerous is the wide array of strange new plant and animal life released by the terraformers. Reports of sentient machines and enormous insects known as “Hellbugs” should give all but the most foolhardy pause. Do not travel alone. And do not travel unarmed.

Are you (or were you) a member of the workforce? Countless industries have been destroyed or rendered irrelevant, leaving millions unemployed and unable to provide for their families. Hard currency is meaningless, as people barter-and-trade for survival. We at the EMC are constantly looking for new talent, especially in the fields of construction and engineering. If you don’t fit these categories, don’t lose hope. We value any unique skills, and we offer training for anyone willing to sign our very reasonable contracts.

Are you a Votan immigrant? Terraforming showed no prejudice when it came to taking lives. We at the EMC understand that not every alien is the enemy. Many of you want nothing more than to live your lives in peace. That’s why we’re offering amnesty to any noncombatant Votan who presents him or herself to an EMC outpost. The process of becoming a registered alien is simple. You’ll find yourself in a comfortable EMC relocation camp with others of your kind before you know it.

Are you a member of the Earth Military Coalition? The war isn’t over, soldier. Arkfall may have paused the fighting, but it’s only halftime. Was this the Votans’ plan all along? To reshape this planet into their own image or die trying? We may never know. What is clear is that the enemy is out there and they mean to do us harm. Don’t believe the rumors that the EMC is fracturing. We are stronger than ever, but we need your help. Do your duty. Report to the nearest outpost where you will be reassigned to a new unit. And don’t forget–you’re still under oath. Disloyalty will be punished. But together, we can win this thing and take back our beloved Earth.

Strength and honor,

Colonel Lance Mashiko
Earth Military Coalition
June 14, 2030