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Alak Tarr

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Jesse Rath

"You survived seven months of captivity in the wild with a madwoman who kept your son alive. You escaped from Rahm Tak's camp, helped us ferret out a couple of spies. In my book, that makes you one smart, capable, strong young man."
- Joshua Nolan - Where the Apples Fell

Alak Tarr is a male Castithan, the son of Datak and Stahma Tarr, the husband of Christie Tarr and father of Luke Tarr.


Alak was born on Earth. ("The Bride Wore Black") During the 2046 Armistice Day celebrations, Alak went to a Castithan night club with Christie. While dancing he was confronted by Luke McCawley who didn't want him with Christie; the pair almost fought but were stopped. Alak went to the NeedWant to play Ivali with his friends when he was approached by Rafe McCawley who accused Alak of killing Luke. Christie arrived and told her father that Alak had been with her when Luke was killed so it couldn't have been him. Rafe tried to attack Alak after finding this out. When a Volge army was attacking Defiance, Alak took part in defending it. After the battle, Alak presented Christie with a ring and asked her to marry him. ("Pilot") Christie moved into the Tarr Residence and tried learning Kastíthanu and cooking Votan River otter. When Datak insulted her cooking, she left but was attacked by Hellbugs. Christie held them off while Alak cowered behind her. When telling what happened to her father, the Tarr's said that Alak had protected Christie and he went along with the lie. ("The Devil In The Dark")

He began working at Raider Radio in the Gateway Arch. ("The Serpent's Egg") When Christie didn't want to participate in the Famairu bathing rituals, Alak wanted Christie to tell his parents but he later said that he would talk to them about it. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") When Christie fell ill during an outbreak of Viral hemorrhagic fever and it looked like she wouldn't make it, Alak ceremoniously married her on the spot. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") During his bachelor party at the NeedWant, Alak got into a fight with Kupak Kurr when he refused to have sex with Tirra and they ended up breaking open a wall and finding the body of Hunter Bell. On the day of their wedding, Datak told Alak that the wedding will be called off because Christie did not want to wear the traditional Telo. Despite his objections, the wedding went ahead. ("The Bride Wore Black")

Datak made Alak perform a Castithan Shaming ritual for going against his wishes and then asked Alak to get someone to shoot Amanda Rosewater with a paintball gun during the mayoral debate. Alak got Kupak to do it but during the debate, Kupak was shot and killed by Joshua Nolan. Alak confronted his father and wanted to know if he was aware that Nolan would shoot Kupak. Rafe McCawley had some of his men beat Alak over the incident and he warned him that if he ever took part in anything like that again, his marriage to Christie would end. ("Past Is Prologue") During election day, Alak made announcements for people to go and vote and declared his intentions to vote for his father. ("Everything Is Broken")

When Datak went to prison, Alak took over the family business. He had Skevur make Adreno but refused to allow him to take adrenaline from humans to make it. When Skevur was late, Alak wanted to know why and Skevur convinced him to give him more time because he had done so many jobs for his father. Stahma told Alak that it was a bad idea to allow Skevur more time. When Skevur approached Alak, badly beaten and returned the money, offering the Adreno for free, Alak confronted his mother about it. She said that she would have to run the business as Alak didn't have the capability of doing it like Datak. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") When his mother was almost killed by Skevur using a Shrill Bomb, she told Alak that he needed to take care of Skevur now. Skevur begged for his life before being able to escape and attacked Alak, pushing his own charge blade onto Alak's arm. Alak was able to overpower Skevur and kill him instead; Alak vomited once outside. ("In My Secret Life")

Stahma was able to smell that Christie was pregnant and Christie told Alak that she was going to tell him in private so they could announce it together. Rafe told Alak that if he was involved in his family's business he needed to stop for the sake of the child. Alak went to see his father in prison to tell him that he wanted to step away from the business but Datak forbid it. Alak told his father that it was his fault he was locked away and that he hoped he would rot in prison. Datak was able to secure his release and he returned home to join a family bath, where he tried to drown Stahma and Alak attempted to stop him. ("The Cord And The Ax") Datak told Alak to choose one of the crew to be killed for the crimes of them all following Stahma's orders; Alak chose himself but Datak instead killed Ozin. He had Alak show him the Tarr Traxx factory and Datak said he was impressed but still put Alak's hand in a record press and badly burned it. Stahma had Datak beaten and thrown out, telling Alak that he needed to watch it happen. ("Beasts Of Burden")

When Datak came to perform an atonement ritual, Christie wasn't accepting but Alak said to let it go. ("Put The Damage On") Alak saw that Christie had a Kyerupavo and asked who had given it to her. He got Deirdre to tell him what Christie was up to and went to the Janus Club to find her there, dressed as a Castithan. He said that it was offensive to his people. He got drunk at the NeedWant where Deirdre approached him. The two ended up having sex. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes") Alak ended things with Deirdre saying it was affecting his marriage. She demanded 5000 scrip, stating that if he treated her as a whore, they he would pay her as one. He apologized to Christie for his anger at her dressing up as a Casithan. When Deirdre took Christie to lunch, she told Alak that she would not stop fighting for him. ("Bottom Of The World")

After Deirdre was thrown from the Arch and killed, Alak was interviewed by Amanda and Captain Jessica Rainier but he said that he was not sleeping with Deirdre. When evidence to the contrary was recovered, Alak was arrested for her murder. He told Amanda that he wished he had treated Deirdre better but did not kill her. A Castithan man admitted to killing her instead and even produced the murder weapon. Alak returned home and learned from Christie that Deirdre tried to kill their baby so she could be with him and then attacked Christie, forcing Christie to fight back and ended with Deirdre's death. She forgave Alak for betraying him. ("Doll Parts")

Alak met Pilar McCawley who told him and Christie about a Church of Harmony collective that their child would be more welcomed at than among the E-Reps. When he and Christie learned that Datak had been welcomed back at home, they returned to find that it was true. The pair decided to see this collective, wanting to keep their child away from Datak, but when a number of Terraspheres were seen in the sky, Alak said that maybe they should wait to see if it was safe to travel. Quentin knocked Alak out and Pilar took Christie and their took them from Defiance. ("I Almost Prayed")

He and Christie were chained up for months to stop them from escaping and she gave birth to a son who they called Luke. One day, Pilar decided to take Alak with her outside to collect supplies. They heard gunshots and returned to find a VC death squad at the house. Peering in the window, he saw his mother slitting Christie's throat. ("The World We Seize") Returning after the death squad left, Alak begged Rayetso to bring Christie back when he heard Luke crying and found him concealed in a closet. Pilar took them away and told Alak that she would do anything to save her grandchild. During the night Alak woke to find that Pilar had taken Luke. He went looking for them and ran into the death squad. He was brought before his parents by General Rahm Tak who said that Alak would be a hostage to ensure that they followed his directions. ("The Last Unicorns")

Tak had Alak tell him who the Lawkeeper of Defiance was and later saw Irisa running through the camp before there was a large explosion. ("The Broken Bough") He overheard Bebe telling Tak that there were two Omec in Defiance. ("Dead Air") Alak was put to work using an axe to remove the heads from dead humans. He saw Conrad Von Bach arrive and overheard that Tak was buying weapons. He found a knife on a body and used it to kill Sagyan and take some Roller tags. When Tak found him alone, Alak said that he had begged Sagyan for a break. When Tak asked if Alak used to scrub his privates to get the human stink off, Alak attacked him, slashing his hand and escaping to a roller. He got back to Defiance where he took a knife to Stahma's throat. ("History Rhymes")

Datak arrived and they fought before Stahma had Datak stop. He heard a baby crying and was surprised to find Luke in the house. Nolan arrived and Alak revealed that his parents were spies and had destroyed the Arch, causing them to run. When a search was being put together, Nolan had Alak stay with him in case his parents came after him. They went to see the Omec T'evgin to ask to use his ships sensors but he refused. Alak was able to smell his mother's scent in the area and T'evgin revealed that they had been sleeping together. When Datak was captured, Alak helped Nolan with a plot to get him to reveal what he knew, pretending to be threatened by Nolan. Datak said he didn't know anything and begged for Alak's life, and Alak agreed that his father was telling the truth. He learned from Irisa that she and Nolan had saved Luke from Pilar and he later bought a drink for Nolan to say thanks. ("Where the Apples Fell")

Alak joined the militia to train to defend the town. He was asked by his father to bring Luke by to see him but Alak refused, and Datak asked him to instead ask Amanda that he be allowed to die through a Castithan Cleansing ceremony to cleanse his soul. During the ceremony, Alak brought Luke, telling him that his grandfather was flawed but not without honor. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons") After an attack in town a tunnel was found that the soldiers had dug and Alak volunteered to go through to see what was on the other side. Nothing was waiting for him so he hailed Nolan who told him to set up somewhere and maintain watch. When Nolan and Irisa arrived, Alak moved to join them when another militia member attacked, knocking Nolan down before shooting Alak in the shoulder. When Alak was being treated he overheard a plan to send someone to Tak's camp to help direct an explosion, and he said that there was only one person who could get close to the camp alive - his father. After the plan worked, Alak grieved for Datak. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You")

He moved him and Luke into the McCawley Residence and kept a gun by the door in case Stahma came by. He went to a memorial service for the dead militia members and was approached by T'evgin who offered his condolences. Alak asked if he knew where his mother was and then told him if he saw her to tell her to stay away or he would kill her. ("Ostinato in White") Andina arrived with Stahma who told her son that the Omec were after her. Alak was annoyed that she had put him and Luke in danger by coming to the house and she left. Andina packed a roller for them to leave and ended up kissing Alak, but he said that it was too soon for him. Stahma returned followed by Kindzi who pulled Luke from Alak's arms and went to eat him. ("The Awakening") Datak arrived and pinned Kindzi to a wall and allowed the family to escape. Alak noticed how much Luke enjoyed spending time with Irisa and he mentioned to her that maybe after everything is over, she could spend more time with him if she wanted. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")