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Julie Benz, Lucy Earle

"You inspire those around you to be the best version of themselves."
- Stahma Tarr - Upon the March We Fittest Die

Amanda Rosewater is a female Human and the mayor of Defiance.


Early life

Amanda was born in New York City in 2011. ("Explore the Town: Amanda Rosewater") Amanda was in New York during the Siege of Manhattan and was scavenging with her Mother when she found a necklace on a dead soldiers. As Votans forces grew nearer, her mother wanted to leave but Amanda didn't believe that Kenya would know to follow them. Her mother left and Amanda went to get Kenya, telling her that their mother had died but gave her the necklace she found, saying it was an image of St Finnegan, patron saint of lost children. ("A Well Respected Man") She took Kenya and they left New York but returned in 2031 after the Earth Military Coalition retook the city. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 9") Amanda began working with the Earth Republic and started a relationship with Connor Lang. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 9", "The Bride Wore Black") In 2034, Amanda was attacked one night and raped, resulting in her becoming pregnant. ("Beasts Of Burden") She told Connor that it was his child but she could not go through with it, so she had an abortion and left the city with Kenya. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 9", "The Bride Wore Black")


She and Kenya travelled across North America, with Kenya trading sexual favors for travelling money and Amanda needing to bail her out of a few dangerous situations. They eventually arrived in the town of Defiance Amanda took a cleaning job at the Darby Building. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 11") One night she was seen by Nicolette Riordon who admired her work ethic and hired her as an assistant. ("Past Is Prologue") When Kenya married Hunter Bell, Amanda suspected that he was beating her. ("The Bride Wore Black") In the last week of March of 2046 Nicky stepped down as mayor due to health reasons and appointed Amanda as interim mayor. She gave a speech at the Armistice Day celebrations and then was introduced to Joshua Nolan, a member of the Defiant Few. She refused to have his weapons returned so he could earn money and suggested he instead take up some work at the brothel. ("Pilot")

Lawkeeper Garret Clancy came to see Amanda to tell her that Luke McCawley had been murdered. The two of them went to inform Rafe McCawley, who after learning that Luke had fought with Alak Tarr earlier that night, wanted to find them himself. Amanda told him to let Clancy but Rafe went anyway. After a confrontation that Nolan attempted to stop which resulted in the accidental death of Clancy, Nolan offered his services in solving the murder. When he found Indogene blood and tracks that indicated an injured leg, Amanda realized it was her assistant, Ben Daris, who she had seen limping. After finding Ben they learned that a Volge army was on its way to attack the town. Amanda spoke to the townspeople who initially wanted Nicky back but she convinced the people that the town was worth fighting for. When the Volge arrived, Amanda joined in with the defense but during the battle was injured. With the town safe, Amanda offered the job of Lawkeeper to Nolan. ("Pilot")

After Elah Bandik was put through a Castithan Cleansing ceremony, Nolan attempted to put a stop to it but Amanda told him that the town charter stated that traditional values were to be respected. When Ben Daris escaped, Amanda told Nolan that she wanted him alive for questioning. She mentioned to Nicky that she didn't like the cleansing ceremony being allowed. When Elah was taken away from the ceremony by Tommy Lasalle and Irisa Nyira, Datak Tarr took some men to get him back and Amanda came by to state that she had pardoned Elah of his crimes. Datak appeared angered but agreed to her decision; Elah was later found killed. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") Amanda met with Sukar, the leader of the Spirit Riders, and asked that he attempt to get his people to stop intimidating the townspeople. ("The Devil In The Dark")

Amanda was confronted by Rupert Mirch's wife about Kenya sleeping with her husband. When she slandered Kenya, Amanda slapped the woman who then said that their mother must be so proud. Amanda took this personally as she was the one who raised Kenya. When Kenya went missing, Amanda went with Nolan to search and found her necklace on the ground. Clues led them to Datak's Bioman Ulysses but after Datak refused to help, Stahma Tarr approached Amanda and said that Datak was prideful and the way to get his help was to offer him the open position on the town council. She reluctantly agreed and Nolan was able to track down Kenya safely. Kenya approached Amanda about the necklace she said was from her mother, and Amanda revealed how their mother had abandoned them. ("A Well Respected Man")

She joined Nolan aboard a Land coach to travel to Calexico with a large supply of Scrip to pay for a section of the Mag-Lev to Defiance. Also aboard the coach was Olfin Tennety, and her two husbands, who Amanda had been ignoring for the past few weeks. Part way into the journey they were attacked by bandits after the Scrip. Nolan was able to beat them back but not before they took Tennety and Amanda didn't want to leave her out there to die. While he went to talk to one of the bandits, Amanda used a rifle to take the other one. Tennety shortly afterwards revealed herself to be behind the attack in order to force Defiance to have to take a loan from the Earth Republic. When she was detained, Amanda had her sent to Vegas Island Penal Colony. ("The Serpent's Egg")

When the war criminal Pol Madis was apprehended in town, Amanda was going to hand him over to the Earth Republic to gain rights to the Mag-Lev spur to Defiance. When Kenya said that she had to end her relationship with Nolan as it was affecting her work, Amanda tried to talk her out of it, stating that Nolan was a good man and not like Hunter Bell. Connor Lang arrived in Defiance to take custody of Madis, however he had escaped, so Amanda offered to hand him over once he was found. ("Brothers In Arms") When a Razor rain storm was approaching Defiance, Amanda had the town council begin preparations for shelters and emergency repairs. After it passed she and Nolan found Tommy having been hit by some shrapnel and took him to Dr. Meh Yewll. ("Good Bye Blue Sky")

Connor returned to Defiance to offer Amanda a territorial governorship under him. When Gordon McClintock was found in an arkfall and brought back to town, Amanda greeted him and later joined Nolan and McClintock to go to the McCawley Residence to allow McClintock to feel more at home. After a night of drinks, Amanda stayed the night at Rafe's only to be attacked and choked by McClintock who had to be pulled off. It was discovered that he was an Indo-sapiens duplicate created to kill high ranking figures. Amanda turned down the position with Connor even after he revealed that Tennety was not in prison but had convinced her superiors that Amanda needed to be removed in order to take control of Defiance. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times")

During an outbreak of Viral hemorrhagic fever hit Defiance, Amanda did not want to quarantine the Irathients, as they carried the disease but did not get sick, but was out voted. When she grew sick herself, she was unable to perform her duties. Afterwards, she made an announcement on the radio where she thanked Datak for his help in getting the vaccine and Datak took the opportunity to announce he was running against Amanda for mayor. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive") Rafe asked Amanda to officiate the wedding between Alak Tarr and Christie McCawley but she felt weird doing it as Datak was her opponent. When the body of Hunter Bell was found, Nolan and Tommy came to interview Amanda about him. ("The Bride Wore Black")

When Amanda learned that Datak was planning on killing her, she refused to hide away as it would give Datak what he wanted. She took part in the mayoral debate but during it Nolan shot and killed Kupak Kurr, who was pointing a gun at Amanda. It was revealed to be a paintball gun and merely a prank but Amanda refused to fire Nolan. After Datak revealed that Nolan had taken part in the Yosemite Massacre, Amanda refused to let him quit and stood by him. ("Past Is Prologue") On election day, Amanda lost the election by a few hundred votes but said to Kenya that she was ok with it as it was a tough job. ("Everything Is Broken")

NeedWant Proprietor

Amanda took over ownership of the NeedWant and began to recreationally use Adreno. When provisional mayor Niles Pottinger asked her to work under him as an advisor, she refused. He continued to ask her but she continued to refuse. She believed that Kenya would return one day. On Founder's Day when Josef and Hyatt Mirch were arrested and sent to Camp Reverie but "escaped" and Hyatt was killed by Hellbugs, Amanda accused Pottinger of setting it up. Amanda convinced Pottinger to pardon Josef and then she agreed to become Pottinger's advisor. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") When Nolan returned to town, Amanda was happy to see him again. After a Shrill Bomb was detonated in the market, Amanda convinced Pottinger to let Nolan track down the bomber in exchange for releasing Irisa from custody. Nolan came to see her later and she told him that Kenya had gone missing. When Pottinger came by with some documents, she saw a sample of Adreno fall out of his belongings. When Nolan caught the bomber and Pottinger offered him the Lawkeeper position, Nolan refused so Amanda talked to him, telling him that he really did care about the town. She and Nolan later had sex. ("In My Secret Life")

Running low on Adreno, Amanda used the last she had which resulted in her somewhat violently defending one of her Night Porters from a Drunk Man. She went to see Pottinger, telling him that she wasn't judging him for his Adreno use and mentioning she partook herself; Pottinger offered to share some with her. ("The Cord And The Ax") Pottinger yelled at her about sticking to advising him on policy not security after he was involved in a Raider attack. He later apologized and said that the attack made him relive some memories of when he was abused during the Pale Wars. She later told him about how she had been raped years ago, telling him that he was not alone. When Rafe shot and killed Josef Mirch, Amanda tried to get Pottinger to not evict Rafe from his home but he refused. ("Beasts Of Burden")

Unknown to her, Pottinger and Yewll had implanted an EGO device to collect certain memories. The device was defective and began to cause Amanda to have hallucinations. She believed that a man entered her room and attacked her, thinking it was the same man who attacked her in New York. While being watched, she ended up attacking Tommy and Irisa thinking they were attackers and fled. She was found by Nolan and Irisa who discovered the EGO device and had it removed. ("Put The Damage On") Amanda stopped using Adreno. She recommended the Janus Club to Viceroy Berto Mercado when he asked for a more specialized experience. She told Stahma that maybe speaking to the other Castithan women would show her that they are also sick of being subservient to the men. ("This Woman's Work") She went to see Mercado who said that he wouldn't mind if Amanda took the job as mayor under the Earth Republic but she didn't want to screw over Pottinger like that. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes")

Mahsuvus Gorath was arrested as a spy and Amanda was contacted by someone who said that if Amanda freed Gorath, they would release Kenya. Amanda tried to get Gorath released but soon had to tell Nolan what was happening. Nolan didn't want her to free Gorath so she ended up knocking him out and posing as a soldier. She freed Gorath but Nolan arrived to stop her. Someone shot and killed Gorath and Amanda believed that Kenya would now be killed. Nolan convinced her to tell who had contacted her that she had freed Gorath and to meet. Those responsible got away but they found Kenya alive. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")

With Kenya returned but with some memory loss, Amanda wanted to return the NeedWant to her but Kenya said that they should run it together. When a procedure to recover her memories proved dangerous, Amanda stopped it. Stahma approached Amanda to tell her that she had discovered that Kenya was dead and the person in Defiance was an impostor but Amanda didn't believe her. Nolan approached her as well to tell her that all of Kenya's memories were her memories stolen from her mind. She found Kenya taking some money from the NeedWant safe and begged her to stay as, despite where she came from, she was her sister. Kenya refused and left. Amanda finally held a funeral for Kenya at the NeedWant. ("Painted From Memory")

Amanda went with Pottinger to give a tour of the mines to Ambassador Olfin Tennety. During the tour, the mine collapsed and she and Pottinger were trapped, with Tennety being killed by a falling rock. Pottinger said he was glad to not die alone and the two kised. He wanted Amanda to kill him so she would have more air to survive for rescue but she refused. They were rescued in time. ("Bottom Of The World") When Deirdre Lamb was killed and Nolan had to leave town, Amanda took on the role of deputy to investigate. Finding a hidden camera at the crime scene, she and Berlin searched Deirdre's room and found a memory card that contained footage of Deirdre having sex with Alak Tarr. Having previously told them that he was not having sex with Deirdre, Amanda arrested him for her murder. She was shocked when another man admitted to the murder and produced the murder weapon and had to release Alak. She later saw the daughter of the man being welcomed into the Tarr Residence and knew that it had all been faked. ("Doll Parts")

Pottinger took Amanda to see a surprise, only to find Datak and Stahma tied up. Pottinger told her that he had learned that Stahma had poisoned Kenya and gave Amanda a gun to meet out her own justice. She wanted to know the truth but didn't believe Stahma when she said she was in love with Kenya and instead said that it was all business to Kenya. Amanda wanted to put the gun into Stahma's mouth and pull the trigger but stopped herself and it made her question what sort of person she was. ("All Things Must Pass")

After New York was destroyed, Amanda met with Mercado where Nolan told them that Irisa was being controlled by the Kaziri and had destroyed New York. He had a plan to stop her using Mordecai Haipern but Yewll soon arrived with another plan, which would kill Irisa. Amanda told Mercado that Nolan would need to be arrested as he would not allow them to go after Irisa. When Nolan pulled a gun on Mercado, Amanda put a letter opened to Cai's throat to stop him. Amanda offered to be the one to shoot Irisa and as Yewll was preparing some Data crystals she wanted to know why Yewll had done what she had done. Yewll said that Pottinger had hired her as a double agent within the VC and she had been blackmailed into building the Indo-sapiens Kenya. As Amanda was about to shoot, Nolan arrived and stopped her and handcuffed her to a roller. She later saw that Nolan's plan had worked as the Terraspheres in the sky fired into orbit instead of down. She celebrated with Pottinger and the two ended up having sex. She later met with Mercado who said that the mines had collapsed and Nolan was most likely dead. ("I Almost Prayed")

Mayor again

When the E-Rep and Pottinger left Defiance, Amanda was reinstated as mayor. In 2048 during a harsh winter, the town was running low on Gulanite and so she had the Stasis Net shut down. When men tried to rob the NeedWant, Amanda fought against them. Meh Yewll was planning to leave town but Amanda convinced her to remain to look after the people. Nolan returned and told Amanda that a VC death squad was on its way to the town and they needed to bring the Stasis Nets back online. Going to the mines, Amanda was knocked out by an Omec Drone. She awoke shortly afterwards and went to help Nolan and Irisa who were fighting the Omec Kindzi. Amanda shot her in the stomach. ("The World We Seize") She went to see Yengi Ksaruko to ask about the Omec, when suddenly another Omec arrived and wanted to know where Kindzi was. Amanda offered a deal with the Omec, T'evgin, for half of the gulanite they were mining for Kindzi. To heal Kindzi, T'evgin needed Protoform, skin from an Indogene, and Amanda had Nolan and Irisa hold Yewll down and remove some of her skin. T'evgin said that they had a deal for the gulanite for helping save Kindzi. ("The Last Unicorns") Datak and Stahma returned to Defiance and told them that the McCawley's had all been killed. She tried to talk Nolan out of going out for revenge but to instead gather intelligence. When Datak was arrested taking hidden weapons from the Roller he and Stahma had used, Amanda made him swear to help the town. She and Berlin discovered that Shrill had infested the Defiance Armory and destroyed all the weapons there. ("The Broken Bough")

An explosion destroys the Gateway Arch and a Hologram of General Rahm Tak announces to the town that the armory's weapons have all been destroyed. Nolan finds information on Station Arrowhead where there may be weapons so he and Amanda head out to investigate. They are captured by Biomen and brought inside the Station to find Pottinger inside. Amanda told him what was happening and he agreed to hand over weapons. Pottinger asked her to stay in the bunker with him and said the line "You're mine" to her, which reminded her of the man who raped her. When she noticed a chained up door and asked the Bioman George what he had meant earlier when he said she looked like the woman from the movies. She took Pottingers gun and forced him to show her the locked room which had items from Connor and recordings of Connor and her. He told her that he had seen her be raped in New York and killed the attacker for her. She realized that he was the one who had raped her so she shot him. She told him to admit what he had done but he didn't so she shot him dead. His death caused a Singularity bomb to go off, which destroyed the facility. ("Dead Air")

Yewll found arktech in Nolan's head and later in Irisa's head which had been connecting them. To perform simultaneous surgery, Yewll needed an Omec Drone so Amanda asked Kindzi for it, telling her that she owed Nolan after he saved her life. Yewll was able to save Nolan and Irisa. ("History Rhymes") Datak and Stahma were revealed as spies and those behind destroying the Arch so a search began for them. When Alak Tarr revealed that Tak had purchased weapons from someone, Amanda saw a look on Berlin's face and asked her if the seller was Conrad Von Bach, Berlin's ex-boyfriend. She asked Berlin to try to contact him about purchasing weapons. At night she returned to her office and found Stahma there who wanted her to help her get out of town. The two fought and Amanda stabbed Stahma before she was knocked out. ("Where the Apples Fell") Amanda voted guilty in Datak's trial, along with the others, causing him to be sentenced to death. She met Conrad Von Bach to purchase weapons and was surprised when he offered them for free if Berlin would have a drink with him. When Berlin said that she was leaving with Conrad, Amanda tried to convince her to stay as they were in the middle of a crisis and later called her a coward for leaving. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons")

Some of Tak's soldiers came into the NeedWant and placed a hologram device to allow Tak to speak to Amanda and he offered her a chance to allow all the humans to leave but she refused. After some of the hostages were killed and the gunmen were stopped, Amanda had the town put on lockdown and a tunnel was found that had allowed the soldiers entrance. She wanted to destroy the tunnel but Nolan wanted to take his militia through to attack Tak's camp. After the militia were killed by a spy, Yewll came up with a plan to blow the Stasis Net to destroy Tak's camp and Amanda said that she should be the one to go into Tak's camp to help direct the blast. Alak said that Tak would kill anyone who came close, except for Datak. Amanda offered Datak the opportunity, saying she would pardon Stahma, as well as Datak, posthumously. The plan worked and Tak's camp was wiped out. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You")

She held a memorial service for the dead militia members. She called Irisa in when a dead Indogene was found and helped her transport the corpse to Yewll. She found Nolan drunk and gearing up to confront T'evgin over the attack and convinced him to rest and she would go with him in the morning. ("Ostinato in White") A VC convoy arrived in Defiance and Amanda met Vice Chancellor Silora Voske who told her that Tak was rogue and not working for the VC. She asked for Amanda's help in brokering peace with the Omec in exchange for a mutual exchange pact with the town. Amanda took Voske to see Stahma and she threatened to have Datak shot if Stahma didn't succeed in getting T'eving to the reception. The plan worked but soon Nolan arrived and shot and killed Voske, being driven to hallucinations by the arktech in his brain. Amanda allowed the VC soliders to take Nolan and she went around and obtained Scrip from people which she gave to Irisa to work as a bribe to get her and Nolan away and safely to Antarctica. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above")

Berlin came back and told Amanda that the convoy taking Nolan south was attacked and it was staged to appear as a Raider attack by the Omec. Amanda knew that the VC would see through the facade as well so she and Berlin put some of Nolan and Irisa's clothes on bodies and burned them at the scene. Amanda told Berlin that she had missed her. ("Of a Demon in My View") Stahma revealed that there were more Omec on the ship and that Kindzi intended to use them to invade and conquer. When Kindzi proved almost impossible to kill, Amanda realized that she must have consumed T'evgin's heart and taken his strength. While looking for Yewll, who had been with the Omec, Amanda wanted to give up as it appeared impossible to stop the Omec, Nolan convinced her to keep fighting and that the town, and he, needed her. Finding Yewll, Amanda pulled out a Control stem in her neck and allowed her to regain her free will. They tracked down most of the Omec and took them out. ("The Awakening")

She made an announcement to the town that the Omec were now enemies. She and Berlin were out and found some Omec kidnapping people and Amanda shot one of them but the other took a person as a shield. Amanda put down her gun and tried to talk the Omec down but he instead sliced her stomach with a knife. She was treated by Yewll as Nolan and others went to infiltrate the Tsuroz. Her bandage was changed by Stahma who told Amanda that she was the person she respected the most and was sorry for what she had done. Amanda awoke some time later in a fever to see Omec arrive and kidnap everyone. She managed to get up and shot the Omec and saved the people but soon collapsed from the pain. When Nolan and Yewll took the Tsuroz away from Earth, Amanda believed that he was dead and would not come back. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")


  • Amanda was originally called Amanda Pierkoff and had been Mayor of Defiance for some time. [1]