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Andina - List of Appearances

Portrayed by

Amy Forsyth

Andina was a female Castithan, a resident of Defiance and a handmaiden of the Tarr Family.


She is part of the Yuke Liro. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 10") Her mother died in a Razor rain storm in 2046. She lived with her father, Kirus, who was dying and tried to find a family to take Andina but was unsuccessful. Stahma Tarr offered to take Andina on as a handmaiden and she soon moved into the Tarr Residence. ("Doll Parts") He took Christie and Alak's bag when they were leaving Defiance to see a Church of Harmony collective. Alak asked her to keep it a secret and she said her job was to keep the family secrets, even from other family members. When Pilar and Quentin McCawley kidnapped Christie and Alak, Andina ran to tell Stahma and Datak Tarr. ("I Almost Prayed") Datak and Stahma left town and Andina remained in the house. After seven months she began wearing some of Stahma's clothes and using Pleasure crystals in the bath. In 2048 Datak and Stahma Returned and caught her in the bath. ("The Broken Bough")

She saw Rahm Tak's Hologram in town after an attack and found him to be dangerously handsome. She later asked Stahma what Rahm Tak was like in person. When Alak arrived and attacked Stahma, Andina screamed and ran from the room. ("History Rhymes") She ran to get Joshua Nolan, saying that Alak was killing Stahma. When they arrived, Datak said that Andina was mistaken and she replied to Nolan that she gets confused some times. She later was looking after Luke Tarr at the Tarr Residence with Irisa Nyira. ("Where the Apples Fell") Alak moved into the McCawley Residence and she took him food and clean clothes every now and then and learned that he kept a weapon by the door in case Stahma came by. While cleaning off graffiti on the Tarr Residence, she saw that Stahma had returned. Stahma asked about Alak and Andina told her about the gun and reminded Stahma that she still had her. ("Ostinato in White")

When Stahma was accompanying T'evgin to a reception, Andina went with Datak who told her to stop fidgeting and then to stop standing like a scullery maid. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above") When Datak arranged men to protect Stahma, Andina asked for a gun as well to help protect her. Later she discussed with Stahma how Alak was doing looking after Luke and Stahma said that Andina may need to help "take care of" Alak. Andina mentioned how she might one day join the Shanje Liro. ("Of a Demon in My View") She went with Stahma to see Alak and when Stahma left and Alak asked if he should go after her, Andina said that he needed to focus on keeping Luke safe. After packing a roller, she kissed Alak who said that it was too soon for him. She said that she was patient then went to check on a knock at the door. Stahma arrived, followed by the Omec Kindzi. When Kindzi found Andina, she snapped her neck and killed her. ("The Awakening")