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"The great arks that were used to escape to Earth were designed by the Indogene race, the creators of the most advanced Votan technologies."
- Loading screen

An Ark was a Votan spaceship.


Ark Modules


Terra-spire launchers

The ships were composed of several sections, including Ark Modules and Cryo-pods. ("Pursuit:Arkfall Investigator", "World of 2046: Technology") Control areas existed that allowed the engines to be controlled. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") A number of chambers existed inside, filled with various technologies including weapons storage and ark chests. ("Main Mission:New Discoveries") Hallways existed between these chambers. ("Main Mission:New Discoveries") The Arks had airlocks aboard. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") Large chambers on some Arks were created for the Volge to remain in hypersleep, even containing a large stasis chamber in the centre that housed a Volge Warmaster. ("Pursuit:Arkfall Investigator") Other sections were transport arks designed to house Gulanee inside Containment cylinders. ("This Woman's Work")


The ships are controlled by Ark-Brains who controlled all facets of ship operations and monitored the Votans in Hypersleep. Their primary mandate was to ensure Votan survival above all else. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 7") They were powered by Ark Reactors fueled by Cold-fire technology, along with Tachmag drives. ("Side Mission:Energy Harvest", "Defiance Wiki:Quotes") The ships possessed some form of communication between them. ("Top Scientist Speaks Out") Installed into the hulls of the Arks were the Terra-spires that could be launched down to a planets surface. ("I Almost Prayed") Hypersleep pods were installed aboard to keep their occupants in stasis for the long journey. ("Pilot") The engines were capable of operating both in space and in atmosphere. ("Good Bye Blue Sky", "Pilot")


Arks leave
Arks enter atmosphere
Arks explode

In 3502 BCE Indogene scientists discovered that a rogue star was on a collision course with the Votanis System, which would destroy it and kill the Votans. They attempted to convince the other Votans of the danger but they were not believed. The Indogene proposed building ships in order to save themselves but the other races wouldn't commit the resources necessary. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future", "New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World") By 3458 BCE they had managed to convince the Votans to work together on building the Arks and in 3449 BCE, the Indogene began designing them. In order to power them, the Indogene searched for a fuel source on the gas giant Gula, where they met the Gulanee and discovered Gulanite. A deal was made for Gulanite in exchange for space on the Arks for some Gulanee. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future")

The Votanis Collective decided to not offer any space on the Arks to the Volge, despite previously allying with them, but some of the Arks have specially designed chambers in them to hold a number of Volge, including Volge Warmasters. ("Pursuit:Volge Violence") In 3001 BCE the Arks were completed and left the Votanis System headed for Earth. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future") Some of the Arks let from Casti. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You") During the journey Ark-Brains monitored the Arks and Indogene scientists would periodically come out of Hypersleep to carry out maintenance on the ships and check on their progress. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 17") At some point, the Arks passed through a region of space where the Shrill were and they became embedded in the hulls of the ships. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 20")

In 1977, the Arks were 100 AU (or 15 billion kilometers) from Earth. ("Top Scientist Speaks Out") In 2013 the Arks were approaching Earth and the Ark-Brains began waking up the Indogene who were shocked to find that Earth was inhabited. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 8") The Arks soon entered the atmosphere of Earth to be seen by Humans. The ships remained in orbit but would periodically move into a lower orbit. ("Pilot", "History Rhymes") When the Pale Wars began, the Arks remained in orbit but troops were sent down to Earth. On January 5,2030 at 15:02 GMT, the Arks began exploding. ("Arkfall") Councilman Starrein, aboard one of the Arks, managed to get off in time, taking Drs. Meh Yewll and Eren Niden with him. ("Intel:The Big Hero") The Arks exploded and rained down fragments on the Earth. ("Arkfall")

Almost immediately afterwards, people began offering lots of money for Ark fragments that fell to Earth in what became known as Arkfalls. ("Loading screen", "History Rhymes") The remains of the Arks began orbiting the Earth and the Sun in what became known as the Ark Belt. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") A common phrase used on Earth was "when the Arks rise again", similar to saying "when hell freezes over". ("Inside Defiance: Episode 20") In 2046 a large Ark Module fragment was on a collision course with the town of Defiance. Its engines were activated to redirect it away from the town. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") Ark hunters in the Bay Area cobbled together Ark Spikes in order to activate module engines and direct them down to Earth in order to raid the contents inside. ("Main Mission:New Discoveries", "Main Mission:Nowhere To Go But Up")

The Earth Republic tracked the Ark pieces in orbit, wanting to collect them when they landed. An Ark module crashed near Defiance, holding a number of Gulanee in stasis. ("This Woman's Work") In 2047, the Kaziri formed a connection with the systems aboard many of the Ark remains, maneuvering them into place and launching the Terra-spires inside in order to begin terraforming the Earth properly. ("I Almost Prayed") The Ark-Brain LOCI, infecting people in the Bay Area, called together his followers to a crashed Ark module, wanting to use it to get them off of Earth and safe from the destruction that the Kaziri was performing. ("Main Mission:Aftermath: Until the Arks Rise") When the Kaziri was overridden, terraformers were redirect to fire out into space, where they destroyed a lot of the remaining Ark pieces. ("I Almost Prayed", "The World We Seize")