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 Technographic information



An Ark-Brain is a Votan artificial intelligence.


Ark-Brains consist of billions of nanites working together. ("Doll Parts") The primary mandate of Ark-Brains is to preserve Votan life. Ark-Brain Interface technology can be used to communicate with Ark-Brains. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") Positronic charges can temporarily disable Ark-Brains. ("Doll Parts") Ark-Brains can have a gender. ("All Things Must Pass")

Known Ark-Brains


Scrappers were created from remnants of an Ark-Brain. ("Intel:Scrappers") When Karl Von Bach inserted an Ark-Cell into an Ark-Core, he awakened the AI of the Ark-Brain that the core had come from and was infected by it. ("Main Mission:Possession: Bach to Square One") During a Razor rain storm in 2046, nanites from an Ark-Brain became embedded in Sukar, healing his wounds and influencing him into communicating with a falling Ark Module, activating its engines and flying it away from Defiance. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") Meh Yewll overrode the Ark-Brain on the Omec Harvester Tsuroz and gained control of the ship. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")