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 Technographic information




Controlling Terra-spires

An Ark-Core is a piece of Votan technology that controls Terra-spires.


Ark-Cores have an artificial intelligence in them. ("Main Mission:Enter the Lawkeeper") They work in conjunction with an Ark-Matrix and an Ark-Cell. ("Main Mission:Into the Depths")


Karl Von Bach obtained an Ark-Core and arranged an expedition to the Bay Area to locate an Ark-Matrix and an Ark-Cell so he could activate a terra-spire and use the data he recovers to repair Earth. ("Main Mission:Into the Depths") Raiders attacked Iron Demon Ranch and managed to briefly obtain the Core before it was taken back. ("Main Mission:Collateral Damage Expected") When Von Bach was given an ark-cell, he connected them and they briefly activated, infecting Von Bach with the AI of the Ark-Brain the core had come from. ("Main Mission:Thorn In Their Side", "Main Mission:Possession: Bach to Square One") When Nim Shondu was encountered on the Golden Gate Bridge and he took the core and the cell. The AI briefly took control of Von Bach and attempted to shoot at Nim. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") Nim attached the matrix to the core and cell and used it to begin powering up the terra-spire. An ark hunter managed to defeat Nim and remove the core, causing an explosion and damaging the core. The core sparked briefly back to life shortly afterwards, activating the AI in Von Bach. ("Main Mission:Defiance")