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Arkbreaker is the second DLC of the Defiance game. It was released on the December 10, 2013.



A new breed of hunter rises – one who can call ark modules down from orbit and plunder what lies within! Become an Arkbreaker to summon your own arkfalls, discover cold fire weaponry, and battle a 20-player boss for epic rewards.

Access to these contents requires purchase of the DLC:

Free Content

Released at the same time and available for all players:

  • Enter instanced Arkfalls, including fighting the Volge Warmaster
  • All missions now available for co-op play
  • Access to Spikes
  • Access to Stims
  • Ability to move favorite items to top of inventory, sell or breakdown all non favorited items in a single button
  • Daily and weekly log in rewards
  • Contract revamps
  • Combat refinements