Arktech Revolution

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Arktech Revolution is the fifth DLC of the Defiance game. It was released on the April 15, 2014.



The revolution is underway! Dive into new expert events and co-op maps, contracts, pursuits, and more. Hunt advanced enemies with legendary weapons and mods from Chimera, a rising force in the underground arms trade, and fifteen new nano-effect EGO perks. Only the best-equipped will survive!

Access to these contents requires purchase of the DLC:

Free Content

Released at the same time and available for all players:

  • New currencies: Arkforge and Caeruleum Cores
  • EGO Rating Progression and New Enemy Difficulty Tiers
  • Expert Co-Op Maps and Dynamic Event Scaling
  • Damage Type Overhaul and Armor Plates
  • Universal Grenade, Spike, and Stim Charges