Battle of Defiance

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"The Bay Area was the birthplace of the Defiance Movement, a philosophy inspired by the heroic actions of both Human and Votan soldiers at the Battle of Defiance."
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The Battle of Defiance was a battle of the Pale Wars that took place on December 23, 2030.


Around 2028 an interspecies community was founded in The Palace of Fine Arts, seeking a peaceful existence during the war. ("Data Recorder:Rumors of Utopia") When soldiers from both sides began entering the Bay Area, the community was renamed to "Fort Defiance". ("Journal of Renee Kirby", "Data Recorder:The Beginning of the End") Earth Military Coalition soldiers from the Iron Demons came to the For and demanded some food, with several of their troops remaining behind to protect the civilians. ("Data Recorder:EMC Occupation") A unit from the Ekaru Kome arrived and there was a brief skirmish but fighting stopped when a Castithan civilian was killed. Members from both sides met and brought the dead woman inside the Fort. The opposing sides decided not to fight one another but instead to protect the civilians inside against their own forces. ("Data Recorder:Defiance in the Face of Death", "Journal of Renee Kirby")

When the rest of the EMC forces and Ekaru Kome arrived, along with the forces of Dark Matter, they were ordered to fight but those inside the Fort refused. As battle commended, the soldiers inside defended the civilians. ("Journal of Renee Kirby") Camden Pace watched her father killed by a Castithan with a Charge blade during the battle. ("Mission 04: Shootout in a Votanis Camp") The soldiers decided that there was only one way to survive - activate the Terra-spire hidden underneath the Fort and wipe out both armies. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") A massive Tach-mag energy blast occurred, wiping out thousands of troops and turning San Francisco into a twisted, barren landscape. ("Side Mission:A Past Best Forgotten", "Earth Military Coalition Confidential", "Pursuit:San Francisco Exploration IV", "Time Trial:Wasteland Circuit")

After the battle, the soldiers helped dig survivors out of rubble. Surviving members of the Iron Demons were shipped off to Denver to try to prevent word spreading of their refusal to fight. Despite this, word of their defiance spread around the globe, causing riots and protests on both sides and leading to the Pale Wars Armistice being signed. Those that survived the battle became known as the Defiant Few. ("Journal of Renee Kirby", "Earth Military Coalition Confidential") Nim Shondu survived the battle but was severely wounded. ("Intel:To Old St. Louis")