Bay Area Expedition

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The Bay Area Expedition was a joint expedition between the Earth Republic and Von Bach Industries to the Bay Area.


The expedition had at least 600 personnel. ("Main Mission:Chaos Reigns")

Known personnel

Earth Republic Army


Ark hunters


When Karl Von Bach obtained an Ark-Core, he began to seek out other sources of arktech - specifically an Ark-Matrix and an Ark-Cell. ("Main Mission:Into the Depths") Von Bach sent an ark hunter to the Bay Area where she obtained information about the amount of arkfalls and arktech in the area. ("All in your Head") VBI produced video segments to call on ark hunters to join the expedition. ("VBI Recruitment") The EMS New Freedom was launched from New York City and arrived in the Bay Area on April 2, 2046. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission", "World of 2046: Timeline of the Future") The New Freedom was shot down shortly after arriving and a 200 people aboard were killed. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission", "Main Mission:Chaos Reigns")