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Berto Mercado

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William Atherton

"Mercado only respects people he hates."
- Niles Pottinger - The Opposite of Hallelujah

Berto Mercado was a male Human and a Viceroy in the Earth Republic.


Mercado played a key role in transitioning the Earth Military Coalition into the Earth Republic. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 13") He liked to "step outside of his own skin" and dress up as a Castithan called Lerutak. ("This Woman's Work") On Founder's Day in 2047 he came to Defiance. He listened to Niles Pottinger making his announcement and then told Pottinger that he was a show off. Later when he was leaving Defiance he saw Josef and Hyatt Mirch painting "Rise up. kill the E-Rep" on E-Rep banners. When they were brought to Mercado, Josef spat on him. He told Pottinger that losing Defiance would mean that Pottinger would never obtain Connor Lang's position. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah")

While touring the provinces, Mercado learned that Orbital Object 29-AL was going to land near Defiance so he went there to send Pottinger out to secure the Gulanee aboard, hoping to use the technology aboard to secure his re-election. When Pottinger failed because of one of the Gulanee being released upon the crash, Mercado sent him to the Dakota Reach and took over as provisional mayor of Defiance. That night he dressed up and went to the Janus Club where he met Christie Tarr. ("This Woman's Work") He hinted to Amanda Rosewater that he wouldn't mind if she was appointed back as mayor. While at the Janus Club again dancing with Christie, Alak Tarr arrived. Mercado told Christie that Alak was simply following his conquering nature by his outrage at her being there. He sung a song at the club. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes")

After a bomb was discovered to have been planted in New York City and Mahsuvus Gorath was found to be involved. Mercado authorized using Shrill spores to torture him and then said that they would be using EGO devices to just extract his memories. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem") After New York was destroyed, he went to Defiance to help coordinate E-Rep efforts. After learning that Belize had been terraformed as well, Mercado believed that the Votanis Collective was not behind the attack. Nolan told him about the Kaziri and how to stop it, but he instead went with Meh Yewll's plan to kill Irisa, after pardoning her for her crimes. When Nolan tried to take Mercado hostage to stop them, Mercado had him locked up. After the plan was stopped by Nolan who instead was able to enact his and save them, Mercado sent troops to the mines but it had collapsed. He told Amanda that it was likely that Nolan was dead. ("I Almost Prayed") Mercado led the remnants of the E-Rep forces towards Ne York, wanting to find refugees and offer assistance. After a few months, Pottinger shot and killed Mercado and declared himself in charge. ("Dead Air")