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 Biological information



"Your bioman is a killing machine made up of stem cells and spare parts."
- Joshua Nolan - This Woman's Work

A Bioman, also known as Bio-Marine, are a race of genetically-grown soldiers.


Number tattoo



They are encoded with a 'Genetic Decree' that limits their freewill, but some have discovered the means to break through this decree. ("Data Recorder:Reporting for Duty") [1] Biomen are not particularly intelligent. They heal similar to humans. ("This Woman's Work") Biomen can sustain serious brain damage and live. ("Loose Ends Unravel") They were not designed to live long, so with greater age they can become more erratic. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18") They are capable of feeling emotions and will develop interests, but they are designed to not feel doubt or remorse. ("This Woman's Work", "Dead Air", "Inside Defiance: Episode 18") The 2037 models had an off switch in their gluteus maximus muscle that deactivated them when hit hard enough. A few thousand volts put through them would reactivate them. ("Pilot") Biomen are capable of romantic situations and possibly sexual situations. ("A Well Respected Man") They may have genitals that are more resilient to damage than humans. ("Pilot")


Biomen are grown in vats and stored in tanks until needed. ("Intel:Viable Embryos", "Dead Air") Biomen have a "batch name" based on the name of a U.S. president (Reagan, Carter, Woodrow, Barack, Ulysses, Pierce, Jackson, Monroe) and individuals are branded with a unique serial number. ("World of 2046: Aliens", "Pilot", "Main Mission:Sniper's Ridge", "Data Recorder:Reporting for Duty") Biomen can be stored in their vats until they need to be activated. ("Dead Air")


A mutated Bioman

Biomen were created through the Bioman project between 2000 and 2013. Von Bach Industries had a part in this project. When details of this project were released, some people argued against the creation of sentient beings. ("Government under fire for cover-up", "VBI Introduction") The Biomen were deployed around 2025. ("Nuclear Power comes to St. Louis") They were first unleashed during the Battle of Bloody Kansas, where they overwhelmed Votan troops at a stronghold northeast of Topeka and slaughtered them all. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 14") Around 2031, an alliance of former Biomen and Gulanee soldiers took over the city of Vancouver and declared British Columbia to be their own personal empire. ("World of 2046: 2046 Map", "History Rhymes") Some of the Biomen in the EMC XX Corps in the Bay Area were exposed to radiation and became Mutants. ("Intel:The Mutants") Joshua Nolan once paid a brain-dead Bioman 10 Scrip to babysit Irisa Nyira. ("Loose Ends Unravel")