Bottom Of The World

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Bottom Of The World is the tenth episode of Season 2 of Defiance.


Olfin Tennety comes to Defiance for a press tour but is killed in a mine collapse. With Amanda and Pottinger trapped in the mines, Nolan works to free them while Irisa attempts to steal a Terrasphere from the Earth Republic.



Casti Clean, Castithan, Cedars, Cyrus, Dakota Reach, Darby Building, Defiance, Defiance E-Rep Field Office, Defiance Lawkeeper's office, Dodge Durango, Earth Military Coalition, Earth Republic, Earth Republic Criminal Notification Services, England, George III, Gulanite, Hailer, Harry Potter, Hyatt Mirch, Ivali, J. Stivila, Jackson (Bottom Of The World), Janus Club, Jermaine, Josef Mirch, Kastíthanu, Kaziri, Kenya Rosewater (Indo-sapiens), l'Irathi, Lidas-Tann Tailor, Luke McCawley, Mag-Lev, McCawley Mines, McCawley Residence, Meh Yewll, NeedWant, Pale Wars, Petrohol, Raider Radio, Rayetso, Richard III, Scrip, Shanje Liro, Skevur, South America, Sulos Spritzer, Tarr Family, Tarr Residence, Terrasphere, Votan, Votan Trembler, Votanis Collective


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