Brothers In Arms

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Brothers In Arms is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Defiance.


A Castithan man is arrested after setting off a bomb and Nolan runs into Eddie Braddock, an old war buddy, who is hunting this man, who is revealed to be one of the most wanted war criminals of the Pale Wars. When the man escapes, Nolan and Eddie work together to track him down.



1811, Antarctica, Badlands, Bay Area, Biodyne Project, Bissel Pass, Brazil, Bulgur ashkan, Calexico, Castithan, Castithan Cleansing ceremony, Cedars, Charge blade, Chez Renarda, Darby Building, Defiance, Defiance Clinic, Defiance Lawkeeper's office, Dodge Charger, Doran Ridge, Drop-blast, Earth Military Coalition, Earth Republic, Earth Republic Criminal Notification Services, Hailer, History of Earthquakes in Missouri, Hollows, Hunter Bell, Indogene, Irathient, Iron Demons, Dr. James W. Liberto Publishing, Jamie T. Oswald Enterprises, Jon Cooper, Kangarat, Kelovan, Kemotrax, Libera Nova Gem, Mag-Lev, McCawley Mines, McCawley Residence, Missouri Geological Studies, Nanotab, NeedWant, Nelson Miles, Oklahoma City, Pale Wars, Roller, Santa Fe Express, Scrip, Six-legged Monkey Crawl, Skunk-ox, Spirit Riders, Storm Divide, Strafing powder, Talak Gundun, Tarr Residence, Varus Soleptor, Vegas Island Penal Colony, Vibro, Volge, Votanis Collective, Yuma


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