Camp Reverie

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Camp Reverie

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North America



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Earth Republic

Camp Reverie is an Earth Republic work camp near Defiance.


The camp is located 8 miles, half a days journey, from Defiance. The camp is for prisoners who's sentences are less than a year. The camp is surrounded by the Badlands, where deadly creatures make escape difficult. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 7") The prison has a visitor area that is just some holes in an old shipping container, no touching is allowed through the holes. Food is delivered to prisoners by throwing it from a higher area down to the prisoners. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") Votan ritual rights were not honored in the prison. ("In My Secret Life")


Nicolette Riordon sometimes delivered baked goods to the prison. ("Good Bye Blue Sky") Datak Tarr and Meh Yewll were sent to Camp Reverie in 2047. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") Camden Pace had an ally in the prison inject an EGO device into an ark hunter imprisoned inside and leave behind some gear, allowing them to escape. ("Mission 01: Escape from Camp Reverie") Datak and Yewll came up with a plan to save Niles Pottinger from being killed to ensure their release. Yewll made a makeshift Charge blade that they gave to Karulot to kill Pottinger and Datak stepped in to stop it. Pottinger caught onto the plan and didn't let them out. ("In My Secret Life") Pottinger later convinced Yewll to work on a project for him and she made a deal to get Datak out as well. ("The Cord And The Ax") Pottinger took a female Indogene prisoner from this camp to make the Indo-sapiens Kenya Rosewater. ("Painted From Memory") Rafe McCawley was sent here after beign sentenced for terrorist actions against the Earth Republic. ("All Things Must Pass")