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Cass Ducar

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"Having migrated wherever opportunity arose, Cass has had few attachments to her past. Rumors say that her history includes a long lost brother and many jilted lovers."
- Loading screen

Cass Ducar is a female Human and an Ark hunter.


Early life

Cass was born another name. [1] She is believed to have a long lost brother. ("Loading screen") It is possible that Cass spent some time in the Tranquility community when young. ("Main Mission:We're on the Air", "Main Mission:All Roads Lead to Bloodbath") At some point she saw the crashed remains of a Stratocarrier. She once took part in a heist in the Votanis Collective capital of Sulos. [1]


She came to the Bay Area in 2046 and went to the Tranquility community to do some research into its past. Shortly after arriving she witnessed the EMS New Freedom crash into northern Mount Tam. ("Main Mission:Fine Tuning") She came across an Evac pod and believed whoever was inside would be dead, but was surprised that the ark hunter inside was alive. She went to see if anyone else needed help nearby. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission") Cass saw that a number of Mutants were preparing an attack on the survivors and called the ark hunter for help. They overloaded a Thorium Reactor and took out the Mutants. ("Main Mission:EGO Integration")

Cass later met with the ark hunter at the Earth Republic Camp to see what the Earth Republic troops were doing here and learned that Karl Von Bach had been aboard the Stratocarrier. ("Main Mission:Chaos Reigns") Cass contacted Weston Marx of Frontier Truth, offering to sell him information on the Stratocarrier crash. ("Intel:Back to You, Weston") She later met with Weston to discuss an arrangement for information. ("Data Recorder:Meeting with Ms. Ducar") She told Captain Noah Grant about the KTAM Radio Station which could be modified to help send a signal back to New York City. She then assisted the ark hunter in taking out the Mutants at the station and upgrading the software. ("Main Mission:We're on the Air") "Borrowing" a Hauler from the E-Rep's Cass joined the ark hunter in triangulating Von Bach's signal. ("Main Mission:All Roads Lead to Bloodbath")

They learned that he had entered Delta Bunker West and Cass went with the ark hunter inside, tracking down and locating Von Bach. Grant told them to get Von Bach to Iron Demon Ranch and to the safety of Lawkeeper Jon Cooper. ("Main Mission:Into the Depths") With Von Bach somewhere safe, Cass went to have a drink at The Crater. ("Main Mission:Enter the Lawkeeper") Cooper arrived later looking for Fallon McNeil so Cass let the ark hunter know where to find him first. ("Main Mission:Hell of a Day") Cass learned that the Raiders had possession of an Ark-Matrix and were planning to sell it to someone. ("Main Mission:Major Miner Rescue") She later let the ark hunter know that Varus Soleptor was at The Crater bragging about stringing the ark hunter along in their search for an Ark-Cell. ("Main Mission:Ulterior Motives")

She joined the E-Rep soldiers coming into San Francisco to stop Dark Matter. Contacting the ark hunter, Cass met them at Sutro Tower in order to hack Dark Matter's systems and shut down the Monoliths they had around the area. ("Main Mission:Radio Silence") To help facilitate communications, Cass took the ark hunter to Bernal Tower to place and activate transmitters. ("Main Mission:Pirate Radio") For the assault on Dark Matter, Cass joined Cooper, Torc Mok, the ark hunter and some E-Rep troops at Presidio Station. Fighting through the bunker, Cass realized the ark hunter was the only one who could take on Nim Shondu, Dark Matter's leader as they had an EGO device. Following the battle, Cass went for a drink at The Crater. ("Main Mission:Defiance")

Return of Von Bach

Cass heard that Von Bach was alive and he began transmitting from Twin Peaks Station so Cass went to investigate. She ran into the ark hunter and they went to follow two ranchers that had received EGO implants from Von Bach, but instead they found them dead. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Proof of Life") When the ark hunter confronted Von Bach, Cass provided backup and ended up pointing her gun at Von Bach when he appeared to be hacking the ark hunter's EGO device. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Enter the Master") She had to be purged of one of Von Bach's new EGO devices by Eren Niden. ("Intel:Happy Returns") Cass contacted the ark hunter to continue some work she was doing for Azumi Yoshida as she was going to perform a job for Camden Pace. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: The Valley of Silicon")

She was captured by Echelon agents who had her sent to Vegas Island Penal Colony. ("Mission 09: Rebuild A Radio Box") She was rescued by an ark hunter sent by Pace. ("Mission 10: Break Into The Vegas Prison") The pair went to The Happy Hellbug in AngelArc to learn where Melak Vor had gone. ("Mission 11: Bust Through AngelArc") Cass returned to Silicon Valley to help Von Bach stop LOCI. She stopped by to see Eren first to obtain some protection from LOCI's influence allowing her to resist being infected. She helped Von Bach and the ark hunter to defeat Yargad Gorhash after LOCI took full control of his body. The three watched as Yargad died and LOCI's plan was stopped. ("Main Mission:Aftermath: Until the Arks Rise")