Castithan Cleansing ceremony

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A Castithan Cleansing ceremony is a Castithan shaming ritual.


The ritual has the accused put on a rack that has weights placed into a basket behind them, pulling their legs and arms out until death. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") The ritual is to remind accused that their transgressions shame their community. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 2") Should a Castithan shame their liro and not undergo a cleansing ceremony they are doomed to the middle level of Castithan hell. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 9") Minor punishments exist with people being on the shaming rack for a few hours resulting in excrutiating pain but no permanent injuries. Such minor punishments include insulting a member of a higher liro. Major punishments end in death and the limbs are display in the four corners of a town as a warning to other Castithans. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 7")


Elah Bandik was put through this ceremony when accused of cowardice after running during the Battle of Bissel Pass. He did not deny the claims against him as the Castithans put weights in the basket and wanted to remain to attone for his family and his people. He was forcibly removed by Tommy Lasalle and Irisa Nyira but later was killed by Datak Tarr anyway. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") Belutok Kurr was put on a shaming rack after he was accused of killing his wife and two other women. ("This Woman's Work") Datak requested he be executed through the cleansing ritual to atone for his crimes agaist Defiance. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons") He was taken down from the rack and given a chance to go on a suicide mission to destroy Rahm Tak and his army and save the town. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You")