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A Charge blade is a Votan energy blade.


Charges blades consist of a metal hilt that produces a blade of hard light. Once activated a monofilament in the shape of the blade extends out from the hilt and forms an energy field. ("World of 2046: Technology") Scalpel-sized blades exist for use in surgery and are precise enough for delicate surgery. ("Pilot", "If You Could See Her Through My Eyes") Jagged-edged blades also exist. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") Charge blades can be extended to become a small sword. ("The Devil In The Dark")

Known Charge blades


The Indogene developed charge blades for use as a surgical tool. The Castithans adopted the blades, appreciating their elegance; the Castithan mafia often used the blade as a calling card. ("World of 2046: Technology") Kihako Tarr had a charge blade that Datak Tarr used to play with, despite Kihako telling him that it was not a toy. When Datak was a teenager, Kihako stabbed Datak through the hand with the blade to teach him a lesson for attacking a Shanje Liro Oathtaker. When Datak won passage on an Ark, Kihako gave him the blade and told him to pass it down to his son. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You") Datak Tarr only brought the charge blade with him when he left Casti. ("The Cord And The Ax") Meh Yewll constructed a makeshift charge blade in Camp Reverie to use as part of a plan to "save" Niles Pottinger from being killed. ("In My Secret Life") General Rahm Tak forced Stahma Tarr to use Datak's charge blade to kill Christie Tarr. ("The World We Seize") Tak kept the Datak's charge blade. ("The Broken Bough") Conrad Von Bach has some of these weapons on his weapons truck. [1]