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Control stem

 Technographic information




Controlling Indogene

A Control stem is an Omec device that controls Indogene.


The stem is implanted into the neck and allows an Omec to give verbal commands to an Indogene. ("Ostinato in White")


When the Indogene began rebelling against the Omec, they created the Control stems to keep the Indogene docile between hunts. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 9") Kindzi implanted one into Meh Yewll and told her to tell no one what happened and protect her interests at all costs. ("Ostinato in White") Yewll attempted to remove the stem but was unable to physically touch it. The stem made her create a communication device with the Tsuroz and remove Kindzi from stasis. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above") The stem was noticed by Amanda Rosewater who pulled it out, to the great pain of Yewll, and she regained her free will. ("The Awakening")