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"These xenophobic soldiers show no quarter to those that stand in the way of their mission of global conquest and the eradication of the Human race."
- Intel:Dark Matter

Dark Matter, or Shkathe'Nado, is a Votan military unit.


The unit is an elite commando part of the Ekaru Kome. [1] Dark Matter Enforcers are Irathients while Snipers and Monitors are Castithan. [2]


Dark Matter wear some of the most durable combat armor available. They are equipped with EGO devices. ("Intel:Dark Matter")



There were once Sensoth and Liberata members of Dark Matter but they were at one point purged from the ranks. [3] Dark Matter were present at the Battle of Defiance but vanished afterwards. ("Intel:Dark Matter") A member of Dark Matter shot and killed the VBI Ark Hunter after the EMS New Freedom crashed. ("It's Never Over") Dark Matter made a deal with the Raiders for them to obtain an Ark-Matrix from Varus Soleptor and steal the Ark-Core that Karl Von Bach had in his possession. ("Intel:Mysterious Alliance") They met the Raiders at the San Quentin Ruins to buy the matrix but double cross the Raiders and took it. ("Main Mission:Down at the Docks") Dark Matter went to Dogtown Mine to attempt to take an Ark-Cell from Jackleg Joe but they were stopped. ("Main Mission:A Bullet for a Badman")

Dark Matter joined with the Raiders to assault Headlands Transit Depot and try to obtain the core and cell that Von Bach had in his possession, but their attack was repelled. ("Main Mission:Strange Bedfellows") They positioned a monolith at the Golden Gate Bridge but after it was destroyed, some of their forces, led by Nim Shondu, arrived and took the core and cell. ("Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness") Dark Matter lost their communication network in San Francisco and later lost control of their mechs when their systems were hacked. ("Main Mission:Radio Silence", "Main Mission:Pirate Radio") Dark Matter was assaulted by forces from the Earth Republic, Echelon mercenaries, Scrappers and one of their own mechs. ("Main Mission:Defiance") Nim was defeated but Dark Matter forces remained in the area and continued to attack E-Rep forces. ("Side Mission:Small Time Defense", "Side Mission:Easy as Fila, Kama, Dunya")

The forces of Dark Matter began searching for Ark-Brain Interface to redirect Ark Modules down to Earth. ("Main Mission:New Discoveries") An ark hunter began taking the materials needed from Dark Matter and they offered them a chance to stop but the ark hunter refused. ("Main Mission:Dark Crystals") Dark Matter learned that Fallon McNeil and Rathus Parraba had found Votacide 4X inside a bunker in Mount Tam. They obtained the information from Rathus and then got their hands on the virus. ("Episode Mission:The Tranquility Virus", "Episode Mission:Sibling Duties") They infected William Parraba to test out the virus. ("Episode Mission:On Record") They tried to kill Rathus to hide their actions, but they were stopped by an ark hunter. ("Episode Mission:Sibling Duties") Dark Matter intended to use the virus to force the VC to go to war with the Earth Republic. The data on the virus was deleted and a cure was made for William, ending their plans. ("Episode Mission:The Tranquility Virus")

Dark Matter continued to inhabit areas of San Francisco and maintained a data network. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Rift in Personalities") The ark hunter went to an arkfall that contained data on Yargad Gorhash and Dark Matter arrived to try to stop them. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Ghost in the Machine") In 2049 Dark Matter split down the middle, with loyalist under Captain Enar being welcomed back into the Votanis Collective, and renegades under Commander Torvul Meng becoming known as the Neo Votanis Front. ("Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Dark Shadows") Enar and Dark Matter worked with an ark hunter and Captain Noah Grant's soldiers on stopping the NVF from starting another war. ("Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Dark Shadows", "Main Mission:Operation Siren Song")