Data Recorder:It's Your World

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It's Your World

 Data recorder information




Dogtown Mine, Marin

It's Your World is a Data Recorder available in Marin.



Audio Diary of Amelio Rodriguez


This data recorder is located outside Dogtown Mine.



Amelio: Holla, mi hija. This is your poppa. The one you just cussed out for not letting you work late at Top-Notch.
(He laughs)
Amelio: I don't know what a chizu is, but I understand enough that it ain't no compliment. No doubt a little work your Votan chupa friends taught you.
Amelio: I'm sure you think I'm being tough on you, but I just don't trust this world. It has taken too much from me and I just can't-
Amelio: But I know it's time to let you live your life. Let you explore and find out who you are. And be alone when you want.
Amelio: I will do that, I promise. But I do want to say this, Rosarita.
Amelio: Don't trust that Joe Teach. He is no friend. You remember that. I don't like him coming to Top-Notch talking to you.
Amelio: A hanjo like him wouldn't last ten minutes in the old South Central neighborhood.
(He laughs)
Amelio: See? You ain't the only Rodriguez that can learn chupa talk.
Amelio: Te amo, mi hija. Always.