Data Recorder:My Lovely Predecessor

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My Lovely Predecessor

 Data recorder information




Shondu's Consulate, Madera


3878, 1551

My Lovely Predecessor is a Data Recorder available in Madera.



Private Log of Ara Shondu


The data recorder is located on the ground behind Shondu's Consulate.



Ara: I really want to thank you and the collective for allowing me to stay here during my tenure.
Ara: I couldn't have hoped for a home half as beautiful.
Vada Ilen: There's no need to thank me, Ara. The pleasure is mine. Your arrival allows me to finally leave this fresh hell and return to the colony.
Ara: What are you saying?
Vada Ilen: The collective is wasting time, personnel, and money on this pointless mission. The only thing I've gained during my time here is a desire to never return.
Ara: Your time here was not wasted.
Ara: We have shown these people that the Votanis Collective can be a comforting friend, and because of that effort I feel strongly that they'll give us the support we need.
Vada Ilen: Our collective gains nothing from these beasts. They offer nothing, but have no qualms about taking everything.
Ara: Did Defiance teach you nothing? As one we endured and as one we shall prosper.
Vada Ilen: Ara, my sweet friend. You don't understand, but you will. I've lived among them.
Vada Ilen: Even their best are little better than skitterlings. In time, you will also long to return home.
Vada Ilen: If you can call anywhere on the planet home. Good luck, Ara. You will need it.