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Datak Tarr

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Tony Curran, Peter Dacunha, Robert Gerow

"Luko, ji ksa bonwile re ya: Taro Detak'sa. Usha ksa ilinje vengisupso, tambu me vava do magonda: Famiya ksa achando shira kworo hivizhiwa kano kanwa. (Luke, this is your grandfather, Datak Tarr. When you are older, I will help you understand that he was deeply flawed but not without honor.)"
- Alak Tarr - The Beauty of Our Weapons

Datak Tarr is a male Castithan, the husband of Stahma Tarr and father of Alak Tarr.


Early life

Datak was part of the lower liros and his father and grandfather were priests in the holy temple on Casti. ("The Bride Wore Black") When he was young, he used to play with his father's Charge blade and demanded one of his own. As a teenager, he attacked a Shanje Liro Oathtaker and his father had to beg to keep him off a shaming rack. His father punished him by stabbing his charge blade through Datak's hand. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You") In the final days before the Arks left, Datak won passage in a game of Ivali for him and his father. His father refused to leave the sacred scrolls unattended as he had promised that to his father. He gave him his charge blade and told him to pass it along to his son. ("The Bride Wore Black", "My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You") After boarding, Datak met Stahma and began to pursue her, which angered her betrothed who challeneged Datak to a Castithan Blood duel. While on the way to the duel, her betrothed was accidentally flushed out of an airlock, allowing Datak and Stahma to be together. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") Marrying Stahma moved Datak into the Shanje Liro. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 11")


When Datak first came to Defiance he organized fights for money in dark alleys and stole Rollers on Urdu Street. He entered into a deal with Hunter Bell to make the fight more legitimate, building up the fight tent. When he wanted a stake in the fight tent, Bell beat him down. He was rescued by Rafe McCawley who mentioned that he believed Bell to be making a move to take the McCawley Mines. Datak offered to buy Rafe a drink. ("The Bride Wore Black") Over the years Datak continued to amass wealth and respect, becoming a part of all criminal enterprises in the town. He also began sending amounts of money to the Votanis Collective in Sulos. ("Pilot", "Brothers In Arms")

In 2046 he helped fund the Armistice Day celebrations. When Joshua Nolan came to the fight tent and agreed to fight the champion, Datak substituted the Bioman Ulysses in the champion's place. When Nolan deactivated Ulysses, Datak called it a low blow and kept most of the winnings. Rafe accused Alak of murdering Luke McCawley and attacked him, Datak said that if Rafe had hurt Alak then he would have killed Rafe. Learning that Alak was in love with Christie McCawley, Datak wanted an end to their relationship but Stahma convinced him to allow it as if something were to happen to Rafe, then Christie would inherit the mines and they would be able to control them. When a Volge army was on its way to Defiance, Datak pledged to fight and, to gain popularity, agreed to forgive the vig on all debts owed to him for anyone who joined as well. During the fight, Datak watched Elah Bandik throw down his weapon and run. ("Pilot")

After the battle, Datak accused Elah of cowardice and he was placed on a shaming rack. When Nolan tried to shut the cleansing ceremony down, Datak said that it was being done for Elah's own good as it would cleanse his soul. A short time later when Elah was taken away anyway, Datak took some men to get him back but Amanda Rosewater claimed to have pardoned Elah for his crimes. When faced with a potential firefight, Datak stepped back and appeared to accept the situation. He later went to see Elah, allowing him to have a meal with his family before he slit his throat open with his Charge blade and left his body at the door of the Lawkeeper. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") When Christie moved into the Tarr Residence, Datak found it intolerable, particularly as she bathed alone and not with the family. Hellbug Skitterlings attacked Christie and Alak, and Datak used his charge blade to kill them. ("The Devil In The Dark")

The town council approached Datak about getting his help to purchase weapons from the Votanis Collective to help protect the town after the destruction of the Stasis Net. When Nolan began interferring with the operation, Datak told the council that his contact had ended the deal. After Kenya Rosewater went missing, Nolan and Amanda came to see Datak after learning she was taken by Ulysses. Nolan threatened Datak but he said that as he had not been afforded any respect, he would not help them. Stahma convinced Amanda to give Datak the open position on the council in exchange for his help, which she reluctantly agreed. Datak had Skevur threatened to hold back information from Nolan until Datak appeared to convince him to talk, making him look a hero. Nolan, however, picked up on what was happening. ("A Well Respected Man")

Datak returned home one day to find Pol Madis making a meal in his home. After tasting the Bulgur ashkan Madis made, Datak told him to get out as him being there threatened his position. Madis had placed a Nanotab in the food and using a control device was able to inflict pain on Datak. When Nolan arrived looking for Madis, Datak was forced to tell Nolan that he knew nothing. Datak, however, was nice and courteous to Nolan making him suspicious. Datak drove Madis out of town where Nolan followed and apprehended Madis. ("Brothers In Arms") Datak went to an appointment with Kenya, but instead found himself with Tirra, whom he considered far beneath him. When Kenya said she had other engagements, Datak felt slighted. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times")

During an outbreak of Viral hemorrhagic fever, Datak became the defacto mayor when Amanda fell ill. Some Irathients took Nolan and Connor Lang hostage with the vaccine they had recovered and Datak went to them claiming to want to destroy the vaccine and let the Humans die. He however led one of the Irathients to the door where he was shot. He killed another but was taken down by an Irathient woman who forced him to beg for his life. Connor helped free Datak who killed the woman in a rage. Not wanting someone who saw him in a such a position, Datak shot and killed Connor as well. Datak went onto the radio and announced that he was running for mayor against Amanda. ("If I Ever Leave This World Alive")

After Datak learned that Rafe was not leaving the mines to his children, Datak wanted Alak's wedding called off. He talked to Alak, telling him how his father had made a promise to look after the sacred scrolls to his father and as such could not leave Casti before it was destroyed; Datak said that Alak marrying outside of their race was a dishonor to his father. Nolan arrested Datak on the charge of the murder of Hunter Bell, but let him go shortly afterwards. Datak went to see Rafe, believing he was the one to kill Bell and was framing him. Rafe told Datak that Alak and Christie's wedding was still going ahead. Despite his objection, Datak still attended the wedding, taking part in the Castithan ceremony. ("The Bride Wore Black")

Working on his election campaign, Datak made a plan to embarrass Amanda and potentially get Nolan removed. After forcing Alak to perform a shaming ritual he had him find someone to shoot Amanda with a paintball gun during the mayoral debate. Alak got Kupak Kurr to do it and during the attempt, Nolan shot and killed him, thinking the weapon was real. Datak demanded that Nolan be removed but was outvoted by the council. With help from Colonel Galen Marsh, Datak received Nolan's military record and revealed the details of his involvement in the Yosemite Massacre on the radio. Datak was soon confronted by Nolan and the two fought, with Irisa arriving to knock his down at last. He berated Nolan for not having the courage to end it, but instead Irisa kicked him in the head and knocked him out. Marsh showed Datak a document he had made up, which when he was mayor allowed him to take control of the mines. ("Past Is Prologue")

On election day, a remark by Kenya at the polls, made him realize that Stahma had been having an affair with Kenya. He told Stahma to kill Kenya as payment for her betrayal. Datak won the election by 300 odd votes and became the towns new mayor. During an interview Datak learned that the Earth Republic had seized control of the mines. He went to the Darby Building to bask in his victory when he was found by Colonel Marsh. Datak demanded to know why he had taken the mines but Marsh refused to tell him. Marsh told Datak that it didn't matter anymore as once everything was done he would be back to being a nobody. Enraged by the disrespect, Datak used a letter opener to kill Marsh. Stahma found him shortly afterwards to tell him that Kenya was dead as E-Rep soldiers came looking for Marsh. ("Everything Is Broken")


Datak was sent to Camp Reverie for a ten year sentence. He worried about the state of his businesses when in prison but Stahma assured him that Alak was running them well. During food time, Meh Yewll alerted Datak he was about to be attacked, allowing him to defend himself. He asked Yewll why she helped and she told him she had a way out but needed his help. ("The Opposite of Hallelujah") Yewll had Datak make contact with Karulot, a member of the Soldiers of the Way, and convince him to kill Niles Pottinger when he came to Camp Reverie when actually Datak would stop Karulot. Yewll made a makeshift Charge blade and Datak delivered it, but when Karulot knocked Pottinger down and tried to kill him, Datak stopped him and killed Karulot. Pottinger told Datak that it was obvious that it had been set up to which Datak said that it proved that he would make a resourceful ally on the outside; Pottinger refused. ("In My Secret Life") Alak came to see Datak in prison, telling him that Christie was pregnant and that he wanted to step back from the family business to be a better father. Datak demanded to know who was really running the business and wanted to know if it was Stahma. Alak told him that he hopes Datak rots in prison. Yewll later told Datak that she had made a deal with Pottinger and had secured their release. He returned home to join his wife and son in the bath, where he attempted to drown Stahma but stopped. ("The Cord And The Ax")

Stahma said that they should be partners but Datak refused. He was approached by some E-Rep soldiers who attempted to goad him into a fight but he instead apologized for killing Colonel Marsh. He spoke to his crew, telling them that they had betrayed him and that one of them would bear the punishment for their crimes of following Stahma. He wanted Alak to choose but Alak instead chose himself, Datak killed Ozin and said that Alak was his legacy. He viewed Alak's Tarr Traxx business, finding it impressed him but still punished Alak by putting his hand in a record press and badly burning it. He began reading the Holy Casti Bible, wanting to know what combination of words inside would drive a man to sacrifice himself for his beliefs. He went to the fight tent where Stahma had the crew beat Datak for what he did to Alak, she had him tossed into the street and she told him that he should have made her a partner. ("Beasts Of Burden")

Back to Defiance

He told Yewll that he had made too many mistakes and may not be able to get his family back. He went to his house and performed an atonement ritual and Stahma accepted it but Christie said that she would not allow Datak to be near her child. Datak was annoyed that Rafe was living in his home. He went to see Mahsuvus Gorath at the NeedWant about obtaining weapons from the Votanis Collective for pushing the Earth Republic out of Defiance. He later approached Rafe about his plan which caught Rafe's interest. ("Put The Damage On") He showed Rafe some advanced technology he had obtained for their plan. When Stahma accused him of sending Belutok Kurr after her, he reminded her that Belutok could not be bought and that she was suffering because of her actions alone. After Belutok was accused of killing his wife and two other women, Datak told Stahma how lucky it was for her and questioned that she didn't frame him for the murders and maybe still loved him. ("This Woman's Work")

Jalina came to see him and they had sex. He awoke the next day to find Jalina dead on his doorstep with her eyes removed. He contacted Yewll for help but she refused so he turned to Rafe. Datak told Stahma that Jalina was dead and they worked together to find the murderer. Stahma made him promise to make the murderer suffer magnificently. He and Rafe went to see Lambert who had obtained Castithan corneas and he led them to Dr. Otto Scheck. Rafe stopped him from killing Scheck so instead he gouged out his eyes. ("If You Could See Her Through My Eyes") Stahma came to see Datak to tell him that Gorath had been arrested and the E-Rep were interviewing people who visited him. Datak said that he would skin those who tried to harm Stahma and the two had sex. Stahma left a weapon for Datak that he used to shoot and kill Gorath. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")

When Kenya Rosewater returned to Defiance, Stahma got Datak's help to look into the grave Stahma had buried Kenya. Datak didn't believe that Stahma had killed Kenya but after a night of digging they located Kenya's remains but Datak was unconcerned about who the person in Defiance was. When Yewll came to Datak for help, he got Rafe to help him hide Yewll in old St. Louis. ("Painted From Memory") He was approached by Stahma who said that Deirdre Lamb is causing trouble for Alak and needed to be taken care of; he refused so Stahma said she would do it herself. ("Bottom Of The World") Datak found Amanda searching his home and questioned him about the death of Deirdre Lamb. Later when someone confessed to the murder and cleared Alak's name, Datak said he had not killed her and had believed that Stahma had done it. ("Doll Parts")

Datak found himself kidnapped along with Stahma. They were soon confronted by Pottinger and Amanda, with Pottinger telling Amanda that Stahma had poisoned Kenya but Datak said that it was a lie. When Amanda was pointing a gun at Stahma, Datak said not to kill her or at least kill him as well as he could not live without her. Datak said that he probably wouldn't be able to change much so Stahma said maybe they could both change a little. After being released, Datak and Stahma reunited and Stahma provided Datak with poisoned gloves that he used to kill Raiga Suhon, Giemo and Stondak Tiralo and both he and Stahma stuffed them into a drain to die. ("All Things Must Pass")

Datak returned home to find Pilar McCawley there, having asked that Alak and Christie come live with her for a while. When Alak and Christie learned that Datak had been welcomed home, they were angered and Christie said that Datak would never meet her child. When Christie said that he had caused a lot of pain, Datak mentioned how she had killed Deirdre Lamb, but then after said that he had meant it as a joke. When he and Stahma learned that Pilar had kidnapped Alak and Christie, they went to Camp Reverie where they rescued Rafe and several other prisoners from being executed by the guards and then set out after their children. ("I Almost Prayed")

Searching for family

After months of searching they located the children but were stopped from getting to them by a VC death squad led by General Rahm Tak. When the death squad found the children, Tak forced Stahma to kill Christie or else he would kill Datak. ("The World We Seize") Tak said that he was going to send Datak in to Defiance to act as his spy and Stahma would remain as incentive for him to follow Tak's orders. To avenge the deaths of the McCawley's Datak and Stahma were going to kill Tak but he brought out Alak and said that he would be sending both Datak and Stahma into Defiance as he now had another hostage. As a cover story, he had Datak beaten. ("The Last Unicorns")

Returning to Defiance, they claimed that they had escaped from Tak's camp but had lost Alak. Datak began removing some weapons from their Roller but was found by Jessica Rainier. Datak attempted to convince her to let him have them as he had saved her life at Camp Reverie, knowing that it would fail and the weapons would end up in the Defiance Armory where Shrill eggs inside the weapons would hatch and destroy all weapons in the armory. Berlin locked him up and Amanda came to see him and made him swear to help protect the town. He and Stahma were brought their grandchild, Luke Tarr, that Nolan and Irisa had recovered. He and Stahma received and order from Tak to destroy the Gateway Arch. ("The Broken Bough") After destroying the Arch, Tak sent Datak and Stahma orders to kill the Omec T'evgin and Datak told Stahma that they had no choice but to comply. Stahma said she would stick T'evgin with a poisoned needle during coitus, much to Datak's offense. ("Dead Air")

Datak berated Stahma for failing to kill T'evgin and said that he would have to do it now. He used a rifle but was unable to get a shot on the Omec. ("History Rhymes") Datak found Alak with a knife to Stahma's throat and the two fought. When Nolan arrived, Alak revealed that he and Stahma were spies, causing them to flee. Datak went to see Yewll to ask for help, getting some scrip from her and then she took him to find Stahma. With Nolan approaching, Datak ran to draw them away from Stahma and he was captured. Nolan said he was going to interrogate him but instead threatened Alak, and Datak begged him not to hurt his only child, stating that he did not know anything about Tak's plans. Nolan and Alak revealed it was a ploy all along. ("Where the Apples Fell")

A hero

He was found guilty and sentenced to death. He asked Alak to bring Luke by to see him but Alak refused. Datak asked Alak to ask Amanda that he be put to death through a Castithan Cleansing ceremony to cleanse his soul. He gave a speech at the ceremony, telling the people of Defiance that they were stronger together. During the ceremony, Alak brought Luke in, saying that his grandfather was flawed but not without honor. ("The Beauty of Our Weapons") Datak found himself being offered water from Amanda who told him that one of Tak's soldiers had shot Alak and asked if wanted a chance to get revenge on Tak, and save the town. He went to see Alak before going on the mission. A device was implanted in his left arm and he entered Tak's camp under the guise of delivering surrender terms. He asked Tak if he could stay as there was no place for him in Defiance. He asked for his charge blade to prove his worth and then cut off his left arm. Tak allowed him to join on a probationary basis and Datak asked for a minute alone due to the pain. He ran for his life as the Stasis Net exploded and the blast was attracted towards the device in his severed arm. Tak and his camp was wiped out and Datak managed to hide in a ditch in time. ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You")

Datak was found by a VC convoy and he learned that Tak was rogue and had not been sent by the VC. He told them that he would be welcomed in Defiance and Vice Chancellor Silora Voske had him outfitted with a biomechanical Indogene arm. Reunited with Stahma, the two had sex before Amanda and Voske arrived and wanted Stahma to invite T'evgin to a reception, with Amanda saying she intended to have Datak shot if Stahma didn't succeed. Datak attended the reception with Andina and when Nolan shot and killed Voske, Datak told Amanda that he needed to let the VC take Nolan or else the town could suffer. T'evgin told Datak to return home and protect Stahma from Kindzi as she would kill Stahma to hurt him. ("When Twilight Dims the Sky Above") When T'evgin didn't come to tell them that it was safe, Datak hired men to guard Stahma while he went to find Yewll and learn how to kill an Omec. He found her cleaning blood and she said that a new strain of Viral hemorrhagic fever that affected everyone was spreading then offered a vaccine to him. It was instead a sedative and he awoke later locked in a cage. ("Of a Demon in My View")

Datak attempted to goad Kindzi by stating that the Omec would most likely fail in taking over Earth and she said that she was going to go after Stahma. Datak convinced Yewll to bring him out for the Omec to eat on, stating that he didn't want to wait around anymore. Before the Omec, he produced a sharp weapon that was within his new arm and stabbed an Omec through the head and allowed him to escape. ("The Awakening") He went to find Stahma and tracked her to the McCawley Residence where Kindzi was about to eat Luke. He used the weapon in his arm to stab Kindzi in the neck and pin her to the wall and he escaped with his family. He went to find Yewll but she had been freed from Omec control. He offered to join a mission to infiltrated the Tsuroz and destroy it to stop anymore Omec from coming down. While aboard they hooked Yewll into the ship so she could take control and when they learned that Yewll would not be able to leave, Datak said that she was had enormous honor and an infinite soul. He returned to Earth as the ship was taken away from the planet and was reunited with Stahma. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")