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 Loctional information


Defiance Valley, Storm Divide, North America



"We live in a great place, a town where human and Votan races live together as equals."
- Amanda Rosewater - Pilot

Defiance is a city in Defiance Valley located at the eastern edge of the Storm Divide. [1]


The Defiance Horizon is a newspaper in the town. [2] In 2046 Defiance has a population of around 6000 - 40% being Votan, mainly Castithan but with some Indogene, Sensoth and Liberata. Very few Irathients live in the town. ("World of 2046: Town of Defiance") In 2048 the population was around 3,000, with 2,000 Humans and 1,000 Votans. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 5")



Municipal buildings



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During the Terraforming, a sheet of terraformed earth covered St. Louis, hardened and then crushed most of the city. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") Irathients were the first settlers in the area following the Terraforming. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 2") Rafe McCawley set up a small mining operation in the area sometime before 2037. Nicolette Riordon arrived in the area to help restore the Gateway Arch and in 2037 the town was officially christened Defiance and Nicky became mayor. ("History of the Gateway Arch in Defiance") In 2038 there were over 1000 Irathient residents in the town but after forced vaccinations on their children, most of them left town. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") In 2046 following a mayoral election and the murder of an Earth Republic Colonel in town, Defiance was seized by the E-Rep. ("Everything Is Broken")

Melak Vor sent a Terrasphere to Defiance in order to use it to destroy the town but the E-Reps were tipped off and the plot was stopped. ("Mission 09: Rebuild A Radio Box") The E-Rep forces left Defiance shortly after New York City was destroyed. A harsh winter, combined with the collapse of the mines, caused Defiance to falter and people begin to leave. ("The World We Seize") About half of the town's population left during this time. ("Fun Facts: Season 3, Episode 5") The town was able to form a deal with the Omec for gulanite they mined which allowed the city to begin to come back to life. ("The Last Unicorns")


  • The Defiance set is roughly 190 feet by 300 feet and featured 57 buildings, some two or three stories tall. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 1")