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Ark hunter


Earth Military Coalition (past)

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Cabil Gibbs

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Cabil Gibbs

Drifter is a male Human, a former member of the Earth Military Coalition and an ark hunter.


He served in the Earth Military Coalition and fought against the Volge. ("All in your Head") Drifter was at the Bolinas Smeltery with other ark hunters taking on the Ninety-Niners. When the battle was done, only he and Begbie were left alive. ("New Freedom") Seeing a Ninety-Niner was about to shoot Begbie, Drifter shot him first. The two left the area where they overheard Echelon calling for shadow operatives for an Arkfall. They joined the Bering and Wells team and were among the last survivors with Curveball. ("Born to Hunt") Their vehicle was destroyed and Curveball was killed when Raiders arrived on the scene. The pair were saved by the VBI Ark Hunter. ("Rain of Death") He and Begbie were given EGO devices, where Drifter relived the memory of fighting the Volge. The VBI Ark Hunter sent them out to find arktech. ("All in your Head") They took on some Ninety-Niners to obtain some Gulanite. ("Risk Versus Reward") The pair were attacked by the Motherlode but Begbie used a rocket launcher to collapse a tunnel so they could escape. ("Vanishing Commodities") The three of them went to The Crater where Begbie got into a bar fight. The VBI Ark Hunter took the two out of there as an arkfall was approaching. At the arkfall, Hellbugs attacked followed by a Hellbug Hellion rising out of the ground. ("Live Action Trailer") The three went to go see Torc Mok to obtain some new weapons. ("Vanishing Commodities") When the EMS New Freedom arrived, the three went to see it and observed it being shot down. The VBI Ark Hunter was shot by an unknown sniper and Drifter attempted to locate the shooter, catching a glimpse of someone cloaking themselves. ("It's Never Over")