EMS New Freedom

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This is the page for the Stratocarrier. You may be looking for the Ark Hunter Chronicles episode, see New Freedom.
EMS New Freedom

 Technographic information




Flying aircraft carrier

The EMS New Freedom is an Earth Republic Stratocarrier.


The New Freedom left New York City and arrived in the Bay Area on April 2, 2046. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission", "World of 2046: Timeline of the Future") Shortly after arriving the vessel was struck with energy blast from a Nova-Strike Orbital Defense System and crashed into Mount Tam. ("New Freedom", "It's Never Over", "Main Mission:Recovery Mission", "Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future") The vessel landed in the northern part of Mount Tam with several personnel trapped aboard the burning stratocarrier. ("Main Mission:Chaos Reigns", "Main Mission:Sniper's Ridge")