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"Terra Arma"
- Motto

The Earth Military Coalition, abbreviated to EMC, was an Earth-based military organization.


EMC Camp

The Earth Military Coalition was comprised of multiple armies from around the globe that fought within theatres they would normally fight in. They shared assets, tactics and strategies amongst themselves. [1] During the Pale Wars the EMC utilized Adreno for its soldiers. ("A Well Respected Man")


EMC Soldiers
T9 weapon

The Earth Military Coalition used ranks from former militaries, such as that of the former United States of America.

Non-commissioned ranks:

  • Private First Class
  • Corporal

Commissioned ranks:

  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Colonel
  • General


EMC Truck


VA-10B Gargoyle

The EMC constructed a number of weapons before and during the war, later utilizing Votan technology in their development. ("Main Mission:Explosive Interruption") They also have several Nova-Strike Orbital Defense Systems for widespread attacks. ("Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future") They also used Nuclear weapons. ("World of 2047: 2047 Map")


The EMC had a wide variety of vehicles at its disposal including the Stratocarrier fleet. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 4") Additionally the helicopter VA-10B Gargoyle was built to aid in deploying troops. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 8")


Dr. Emil Closen Observatory
Station Arrowhead



A Bioman

After the approaching Arks were discovered heading for Earth in 2000, the United Nations secretly ratified the creation of the Earth Military Coalition. The first programs initiated was the Bioman project to create powerful super soldiers, and the construction of the Stratocarriers. ("Government under fire for cover-up") In places such as the Bay Area, they built a series of underground bunkers to store weapons and supplies. ("Loading screen") Around the world they built observatories to observe the incoming ships. ("Observatory") When details about the ships began being leaked online, the EMC began removing them and preventing the information from spreading. ("Top Scientist Speaks Out") Satellites were deployed in orbit as part of a weapons program known as the Nova-Strike Orbital Defense System. ("Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future")

Onulu Toruku killed

When the Votans arrived, the EMC began collecting their technology to study and reverse engineer it. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 8") The EMC took control of the efforts to integrate the Votans on Earth, secretly running the Department of Tranquility, in order to study and experiment on Votans to create Votacide 4X, a virus that would kill off all the Votans. The community of Tranquility was built to house some Votans and allow EMC scientists access. ("Episode Mission:Sibling Duties", "Episode Mission:The Tranquility Virus") The EMC worked on a program to create hybrids between Humans and Votans as part of their public integration program, using the data to help in creation of the virus. ("Intel:Viable Embryos")

When the colony of Sulos was formed in Brazil, the EMC deployed soldiers to help guard the border. ("Portrait of a Killer") When Onulu Toruku, the Votan ambassador to the United Nations was killed, some believed that the EMC was behind it in order to begin a war. ("Portrait of a Killer") When the Pale Wars began, the EMC threw all its forces into protecting Earth but suffered from heavy losses in the first few fights. It wasn't until they unleashed the Biomen during the Battle of Bloody Kansas that they were able to beat the Votans back. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 14") The EMC began taking reserves of oil, coal and natural gas from countries around the world to feed the war effort. ("Nuclear Power comes to St. Louis")

Arkfall begins

EMC Engineers began building nuclear power plants in the United States to provide power due to them taking resources for other forms of power. ("Nuclear Power comes to St. Louis") In St. Louis, EMC forces were pushed back until they managed to retake the city. ("A View from the Trenches") The EMC began conscripting young men and women to replace their losses in battle. ("Nuclear Power comes to St. Louis") In Europe, EMC forces sent to break the Siege of Copenhagen were wiped out and the survivors hunted by Votan forces, with only 5% surviving. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18") Three of the five Stratocarriers built by the EMC were destroyed, including the EMS Sky Regent. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 4")

In 2025, Votan forces took control of New York City, causing the collapse of the United States as a nation. After a few years, the EMC was able to retake the city. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 9") In 2029, EMC forces attacked a commune in Yosemite Valley at the same time as Votan forces did, and they ended up slaughtering the peaceful community located there. ("Timeline of the Future") During the war some countries and factions attempted to negotiate with the Votanis Collective and avoid combat, which contributed to a fracturing of the EMC. [2] With continued losses, the EMC was soon to collapse until the Votan Arks in orbit exploded and rained down debris on Earth in an event known as Arkfall. ("History Rhymes")

EMC and VC soldiers help

The EMC renewed its efforts to win the war, reminding its soldiers that the fight wasn't over yet. ("Adjusting to Life on New Earth") When Hellbugs began to be found, the EMC began Project Piper in an attempt to weaponize the creatures. ("Data Recorder:Tom is Incorrigible", "Episode Mission:Paying the Piper") In late 2030, EMC forces fought VC forces in San Francisco in the Battle of Defiance. A terraform explosion occurred, destroying most of the armies and leaving a peaceful community in the city alive. Word spread of soldiers from both sides joining forces during the battle to defend the community and talks of peace began to be heard around the world. ("Data Recorder:EMC Occupation", "Journal of Renee Kirby")

EMC leaders were concerned. Some initiated procedures to shut down and hide certain locations, technology and weapons as it was appearing that peace was coming. Bunkers were sealed, documents were shredded and communication data was deleted to prevent it from being used against them. ("Earth Military Coalition Confidential", "Data Recorder:Final Stages of Evac") On April 15, 2031, the Pale Wars Armistice was signed and the war ended. The EMC was officially disbanded and replaced with the Earth Republic. ("Timeline of the Future") Certain bio-weapons used by the EMC were destroyed. ("Main Mission:Thorn In Their Side") EMC forces were mostly integrated into the Earth Republic Army. ("Earth Military Coalition Confidential")