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"We'll make our own rules and form our own army... a more advanced echelon than you know."
- Cofer Gray - Data Recorder:Senator Gray's Resignation

Echelon is a mercenary group.


Echelon mercs

Echelon operates across all of North America. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 11") The organization will hire out mercenaries, technicians and intelligence operatives in teams for single missions or operational terms. Should their personnel die in duty, there are high casualty fees. ("Main Mission:Hostile Takeover") Echelon has their own manufacturing plant for weapons, gear and combat vehicles. They also have access to the last functional communication satellites for combat analysis and data retrieval. ("Pursuit:Arkfalls and Uplinks") Operatives that reach the higher levels are free to pursue their own activities while remaining part of the organization. ("Pursuit:Climbing the Ranks of Echelon IV")


Ark hunter teams


Jonah Keller

Ark hunter teams

Melak Vor

Known members


Searching for Irisa

Echelon was started shortly after the Pale Wars Armistice by Viktor Zaitzev. ("Data Recorder:Meeting with Senator Gray") Joining him were a number of people fed up with how the Earth Republic and Votanis Collective ran things. ("Data Recorder:Senator Gray's Resignation") Cofer Gray joined them and gave them access to an Earth Military Coalition bunker. ("Data Recorder:A Chatterbox is a Treasure") Echelon mercenaries attempted to gain control of Madera from the Raiders but they were all killed. ("Intel:Southern Madera Sitrep") Varus Soleptor hired Echelon mercenaries to take control of his mines back from the Ninety-Niners. ("Main Mission:Distress Call", "Main Mission:Hostile Takeover") Echelon mercs recovered an Ark-Cell for Varus but they were killed by Jackleg Joe who took the cell. ("Main Mission:Ulterior Motives") Varus sent Echelon mercenaries to Big Stone Reach to collect samples of condensed gulanite crystals and they were captured by the 99ers. An ark hunter went in to rescue them. ("Side Mission:Half the Size, Twice the Profit")

Echelon mercenaries assisted in operations against Dark Matter in San Francisco. ("Main Mission:A Series of Problems") Echelon mercenaries took part in the final assault on Dark Matter. ("Main Mission:A Series of Problems") The Earth Republic hires Echelon mercenaries for certain operations. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 11") E-Rep hired Echelon to intimidate miners at New Las Cruces to accept lower pay. ("Past Is Prologue") Colonel Galen Marsh hired Jonah Keller and Echelon mercs to help in his search for the Kaziri. ("Everything Is Broken") Echelon agents captured Cass Ducar as she was looking for Melak Vor and had her sent to Vegas Island Penal Colony. ("Mission 09: Rebuild A Radio Box") Melak sent Echelon mercenaries to Silicon Valley to obtain items to build a Burkus rig. ("Main Mission:Possession: Defiant Pursuit") After Melak's attack was stopped Echelon claimed they had no idea what he was doing. ("Mission 12: Save San Francisco")