Eddie Braddock

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Eddie Braddock

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Brothers In Arms, No Man, Loose Ends Unravel

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Rob Stewart

Eddie Braddock is a male Human, a member of the Iron Demons, a member of the Defiant Few and a bounty hunter.


Braddock was with the group of Iron Demons who came to San Francisco and found refugees living in The Palace of Fine Arts. He and the others stayed to protect the civilians there and were later joined by members of the Ekaru Kome, an elite Votanis Collective unit. They were among the only survivors of the Battle of Defiance. ("Journal of Renee Kirby") Braddock once used Strafing powder to escape from Calexico. As the Pale Wars was ending, Joshua Nolan found the Irathient girl Irisa Nyira. Braddock told Nolan that Irisa would be going to a refugee camp and to try to tell her what to expect there. ("No Man") Not wanting her to go to a refugee camp, Nolan was going to go AWOL with her when he was found by Braddock. Nolan convinced Braddock to help him escape. ("Loose Ends Unravel") Braddock stole a roller and knocked out some M.P.s to help Nolan escape with Irisa. He was caught and spent six years in an E.M.C prison. ("Brothers In Arms")

In 2046 he was working as a bounty hunter and tracked Pol Madis to Cedars before following him to Defiance. Madis used a Drop-blast to escape but was then found by Nolan. Reunited with is old war buddy, Braddock asked for Madis to take in as a bounty but Nolan had to get justice for those injured in the blast. Nolan took Braddock to the NeedWant and introduced him to Kenya Rosewater, who took Braddock upstairs but then suddenly remembered another appointment and left. Braddock slipped some strafing powder to Madis so he could escape and Braddock could take him. Nolan found Braddock and the two worked together to find Madis. After Nolan learned that Madis wasn't going to be executed by the Earth Republic, but instead be used to create weapons, Nolan shot and killed him. Braddock berated Nolan for once again screwing him over so Nolan offered himself up so Braddock could get the bounty for him from Varus Soleptor instead. When the E-Rep soldiers arrived, Braddock took the fall for Nolan as he still had to look after Irisa. ("Brothers In Arms") During transport, Braddock used more strafing powder to escape. ("I Just Wasn't Made For These Times")