Ekaru Kome

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The Ekaru Kome was an elte unit of the Votanis Collective.


The unit hailed from the Omec colony. Dark Matter is an elite commando unit within the Ekaru Kome. [1] Gulanee members are rare but highly prized. [2]

Known members


The Ekaru Kome was in San Francisco in December of 2030 and met with members of the Iron Demons who had been protecting some refugees in The Palace of Fine Arts. After a Castithan woman was killed trying to make it inside, members of the Ekaru Kome helped bring her body and her baby inside and joined with the Iron Demonsato protect the refugees. ("Journal of Renee Kirby") In 2049, part of Dark Matter was reabsorbed by the Ekaru Kome. ("Pursuit:Dark Metamorphosis")