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Environmental Guardian Online

 Technographic information


Combat enhancement

"EGO, or Environmental Guardian Online, is not only an integrated intelligence system, a literal heads-up, but also combat powers that are, quite simply, way beyond recognized human ability."
- Uvan Johaar - VBI Recruitment

The Environmental Guardian Online, often abbreviated to EGO is an integrated intelligence and combat system implant.



EGO is injected into the body as a series of particles which convene together within the body. ("VBI Recruitment") Certain EGO strains can be integrated with the body through the air. ("Intel:Sound Mind and Body") EGO consists of an artificial intelligence within a bionetic matrix. ("Intel:Only One Candidate") The personality and appearance of the EGO to its user is that of the original EGO creator Indogene Reh Valamm. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Rift in Personalities") EGO can sense emotions in its host. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission") The individual nanites of the implant can spread and infect others during implantation and the nanites can fully form a new implant in a new host. ("Put The Damage On")



EGO upgrades itself using the experiences of the host and when exposed to new situations evolves it to its fullest potential. ("Pursuit:EGO Evolution", "Pursuit:EGO Evolution II") More experiences allow the EGO to provide more abilities to its host. ("Pursuit:EGO Evolution V") There are Spikes that are able to boost EGO performance within a limited area. ("Pursuit:Spike Driver") Combat drugs like Stims have a greater effect on organisms that are infused with EGO implants. ("Pursuit:Stim Connoisseur")


EGO allows its user to control a number of EGO Powers, typically one at a time, but in some cases more than one can be used at once. ("VBI EGO", "Main Mission:Defiance") These abilities far exceed natural physical limitations of the host. ("Pursuit:EGO Evolution IV")


EGO can hack most computer systems within a certain range. ("Main Mission:EGO Integration") It can also repair computer and mechanical systems, diagnose complex issues and provide instructions for further improvements. ("Side Mission:EGOcentric Needs") EGO units can be modified to extract memories from a host, usually killing them in the process. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem")


EGO devices can revive their host if they have sufficient power. ("Mission 05: Unlock the NORAD Vault") The implant protects the host from more severe doses of radiation. ("Side Mission:A.R.M. the Troops") EGO devices can protect their hosts from being affected by The Grid. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Ghost in the Machine")


EGO is capable of a variety of communications:


EGO can utilize a number of sensors, from itself, its host and outside sources:

"Smart" behavior

Certain weapons can be modified to only work for those that have EGO implants and even will activate EGO powers on certain conditions. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Go to the Source")


EGO devices can be overwhelmed by large amounts of energy. ("Mission 05: Unlock the NORAD Vault")


Reh Valamm began creating the EGO device but was having a difficult time with integrating it with hosts, who panicked at all the new information and their expanded senses. She realized that the artificial intelligence needed to be more convincing so she brought in Yargad Gorhash who had been working on replicating personalities. Yargad suggested that they replicate Reh's personality for use in the EGO. ("Intel:Only One Candidate") Yargad didn't tell Reh that the donors died when their personality was copied. He completed Reh's work with her personality and passed off EGO technology as his own. ("Intel:Making History II") Dark Matter were outfitted with EGO units during the Pale Wars. ("Intel:Dark Matter")

After the war, Karl Von Bach began researching EGO technology and discovered that they utilized a similar bionetic system to Volge weapons. ("Contract:Volge & EGO Connection Research") Azumi Yoshida and Uvan Johaar worked with Von Bach on developing an EGO device that could be used in Humans. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Heir Apparent") They created viable EGO units and Von Bach implanted one in the VBI Ark Hunter to send them on a mission to the Bay Area. The Ark Hunter had additional EGO units that they implanted in two ark hunters they recruited in the Bay Area. ("VBI EGO", "All in your Head") Von Bach Industries began recruiting ark hunters for the Bay Area Expedition and outfitting some of them with EGO devices. ("VBI Recruitment")

An ark hunter in the expedition had their EGO activate after the EMS New Freedom crashed into Mount Tam. ("Main Mission:Recovery Mission") When an assault was underway against Dark Matter forces in San Francisco, the ark hunter was the only one able to fight against Nim Shondu, who also had an EGO device. ("Main Mission:Defiance") After Von Bach disappeared, the Earth Republic approached VBI about obtaining EGO devices but Yoshida refused, not wanting to potentially give EGO devices to political zealots in the E-Rep. ("Intel:Fair Trade") A shipment of EGO devices was being sent to Silicon Valley and was intercepted by the Raiders. ("Intel:Shipping Complications")

Yoshida sent the ark hunter after the EGO devices and learned that a faction of E-Rep soldiers were attempting to purchase EGO devices from them. Some of the EGO units were recovered but the Raiders took the rest. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Go to the Source", "Intel:The Alternate Vendor") Dy'Dekuso, leader of the Raiders, took the EGO devices and began to implant them in the Raiders, which led to their deaths of those who were implanted. Dekuso planned to bring in people by force to implant EGO devices in them and test them out. Dekuso and the Raiders were stopped. ("Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Double-Dealing", "Main Mission:Gunslinger Trials: Deposing Dekuso", "Intel:Manpower Shortage")

Karl Von Bach created a new strain of EGO device that did not need to be injected, but appeared to be transmitted through the air, and began to give it away to people, claiming to want to help them not to fear death anymore. ("Intel:Sound Mind and Body") The ark hunter examined some of these people after they had been killed and their EGO discovered the implant they had received had not fully integrated with them and furthermore, the voice of the EGO inside them was not her. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Proof of Life") Camden Pace obtained an EGO device that she had implanted in an ark hunter imprisoned in Camp Reverie, which allowed them to escape the prison. ("Mission 01: Escape from Camp Reverie")

Niles Pottinger obtained an EGO device in order to collect memories from Amanda Rosewater. Meh Yewll injected her with it while she was unconscious, and some of the implants nanites spread, infecting both Yewll and Pottinger. The implant was defective and caused the three of them to suffer from hallucinations. The implants in Amanda and Pottinger were purged but Yewll kept hers. ("Put The Damage On") Eren Niden examined Von Bach's new EGO device finding that the personality it had may have come from another organism than the original. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Rift in Personalities") The new EGO interfaced with the EGO of the ark hunter to speak with them, briefly taking control of their implant. Cass Ducar was affected by the new EGO, which had to be flushed from her system. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Enter the Master", "Intel:Happy Returns")

Viceroy Berto Mercado ordered a number of EGO devices to be implanted in Mahsuvus Gorath in order to extract his memories and learn where the VC had planted a bomb in New York City. He was killed before the procedure could be implemented. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem") The Pilgrims of the Guiding Light began worshipping the artificial intelligence LOCI and their most dedicated were implanted with EGO devices. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: The Guiding Light", "Main Mission:Pilgrims: Pilgrim's Progress") Eren Niden and an ark hunter were able to purge the divergent EGO from Karl Von Bach. ("Main Mission:Possession: Bach to Square One")