Episode Mission:Digging Up Miners

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Digging Up Miners

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Iron Demon Ranch


Episode Mission:Traffic Report








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Traffic Report

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A Miner Cult

Digging Up Miners is an Episode Mission available in Madera.



Nolan has discovered it was not the Raiders kidnapping Irathients, but 99ers. He has a lead, meet up with him to follow the trail.


  • Meet up with Nolan
  • Track the Drill





Josh Nolan: I've tracked some kidnappers grabbing Irathients off a ranch in Sausalito. It wasn't Raiders at all this time it was a bunch of rust jobs. Ninety-niners.
Jon Cooper: Sausalito is a little far for the Niners, they don't normally target particular species. Sounds like they might have a new boss after our EGO infused hero dropped Jackleg Joe.
Josh Nolan: I managed to nick one of their drilling devices.
Josh Nolan: They'll have to surface several times to where they're headed.
Josh Nolan: Just take the road, I'll take the tunnels.
EGO: Looks like the drill popped up just ahead - let's go check it out.
EGO: It got away.
Josh Nolan: Don't worry, I've got a bead on 'em. I'm sending you the coordinates now.
EGO: There it is, let's take it out!
EGO: They're retreating again!
Josh Nolan: These tunnels are a piece of work. I'm in pursuit, but I'm having trouble keeping up.
EGO: They won't get away this time.
Josh Nolan: I have an idea. See how long you can keep them busy.

Cut scene
(The drill explodes and Nolan comes over.)
Josh Nolan: Ha! You didn't see that coming!
(Nolan kneels next to a dead Niner.)
Josh Nolan: Hey, buddy, you're looking like a man with answers.
Josh Nolan: Cat got your tongue? Well that's too bad.
Josh Nolan: These are more useful anyways.
(Nolan pulls a device out of the Niners neck.)
Josh Nolan: Cyborg memory core. Promises to keep alive the immortal mind, but it's basically just a video recording.
Josh Nolan: I know a gal, Rosa, she's got a way with machines. I'll see what she can get from it.

Jon Cooper: Was that Nolan I just heard? It's been a long time since I heard him sound like that. I know you don't like the guy, but can you keep an eye on him for me?