Episode Mission:Hidden in Plain Sight

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Hidden in Plain Sight

 General information


Episode Mission


Near Horseshoe Bay


Episode Mission:Hide and Seek







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Hide and Seek

Hidden in Plain Sight is an Episode Mission available in Sausalito.



Varus has found a way to override the panel you found. Time to go underground and secure the Tarr family's cargo.


  • Enter the underground docks
    • Enter the underground docks
  • Find Varus' cargo
  • Open the Gate
    • Use console
  • Find Varus' cargo
  • Open the Gate
    • Use console
  • Defend your position
  • Find Varus' cargo
  • Eliminate the Henchman





EGO: Varus is eager for us to find Favi Tarr's cargo. He's been leaving messages.
EGO: This is definitely the place. I'm reading Varus's cargo loud and clear.
Varus Soleptor: Stahma and I are listening in, ark hunter. When you find the one that hired the Raiders, bring him to me alive. I have some questions for him.
Stahma Tarr: Your tolerance of this criminal could be taken as weakness, Master Soleptor.
Varus Soleptor: No one will call it weakness when I've caught the people who hired him.
Varus Soleptor: I'll make an example of them.
Henchman: Seal the doors! Trap the bastard and smoke 'em out!
EGO: Get to that door and I'll see what I can do.
EGO: I'm into the system. I'll need some time to get this open.
Varus Soleptor: Favi Tarr, a woman of your status may not have the stomach for this, you should go.
Stahma Tarr: You do not know what I can stomach, Master Soleptor. I'm not going anywhere.
EGO: This is taking longer than expected. These Raiders have much better tech than I've seen them use before.
EGO: Almost through. I've accessed their loading machinery and introduced a virus that should slow them down.
Henchman: Stop them! They cannot reach the cargo!
EGO: We've got Raiders on the way, and they've brought serious firepower.

Cut scene
(The ark hunter has the Henchman on his knees and a gun pointed at him.)
Henchman: You've won. Please Don't kill me. I've got money. Drugs!
Varus Soleptor: This is getting interesting. I've already got money and drugs. Show him we mean business.
(The ark hunter hits the Henchman.)
Henchman: Fuck! Fuck. Alright. I know what you want. It's information, right?
Varus Soleptor: Stahma, dear, isn't this interesting!
Stahma Tarr: Yes. It's interesting that we have an opportunity to make an example of this... Man.
Varus Soleptor: Yes yes. All in good time.
(Some C-4 on a nearby barrel goes off, throwing the ark hunter. Some time later the ark hunter regains consciousness. Varus and Stahma are there.)
Varus Soleptor: Ah, I see that my favorite ark hunter is still breathing. Good. That will be expensive.
(The ark hunter gets up.)
Stahma Tarr: Yes, Varus. Many of your decisions today were quite expensive.
Varus Soleptor: My decisions!
Stahma Tarr: I must return home. I've contracted Torc Mok to provide me with a safe means of transit. I know I can count on him.
Varus Soleptor: Yes. Of course. Now about MY expenses.
Stahma Tarr: Your expenses, Varus? If you hope to work with the Tarr family, you won't charge us one scrip for this bungled operation.
Stahma Tarr: My trip will be quite slow. When I arrive in Defiance, I expect to find a replacement shipment already in Alak's possession.
Stahma Tarr: I'd be worried for you if that is not the case.
(Varus and the ark hunter look at one another.)
Stahma Tarr: The men in my family have such tempers.
Varus Soleptor: Yes, Favi Tarr.
(Varus walks away.)
Stahma Tarr: You have great skill and resilience. The Tarr family could use people like you.
Stahma Tarr: My organization has a new vacancy. I'm sure you'll do much better than he ever did.
(Stahma walks towards the ark hunter.)
Stahma Tarr: I assure you I wouldn't remove you from the organization in the same way. You would not fail me so thoroughly.
(Stahma raises a finger to her lips.)
Stahma Tarr: A person of such wisdom does not need to answer now.
(Stahma turns away.)
Stahma Tarr: Working with the house of Tarr can have SO many benefits.
Stahma Tarr: Consider my offer.
(Stahma walks away.)