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On Record

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On Record is an Episode Mission available in Mount Tam.



The first Human-Votan hybrid is in critical condition. To help him, Eren needs you to track down his medical records. Head to Accord Medical Center and see what you can find.


  • Go to Accord Medical Center
  • Scan the Main Records terminal
    • Scan
  • Scan the Operations terminal
    • Scan
  • Scan the Archives terminal
    • Scan
  • Head to the Dark Matter base
  • Hack the Dark Matter mainframe
    • Hack
  • Protect the Computer During the Transfer





Eren Niden: I have a patient in critical condition, and I need an ark hunter to track down the medical history.
Eren Niden: He's a little famous: he's the first recorded Human-Votan hyrbid. He's half-Irathient. His name is William Parraba.
Eren Niden: I'm sending more information to your EGO.
EGO: I'm putting the coordinates on our map.
Eren Niden: William Parraba is an interesting case.
Eren Niden: The Votanis Collective had no interest in producing Human-Votan hybrids, but then two people fell in love and got married: Dr. and Mr. Parraba, William's parents.
Eren Niden: It was a very Human impulse to decide to overcome their biological differences to produce a child.
Eren Niden: It wasn't easy, since Humans and Irathients are so different. After their success through, we developed ways for other species to reproduce together.
Eren Niden: The ease with which Castithans interbred with Humans lead to quite a stir in the scientific community.
Eren Niden: We found no evidence to support a common ancestor. Since Castithans rely on androgenesis, it turned out that Humans were valid hosts for their odd breed of paternal apomixes.
EGO: I've scanned the surrounding area. There are a few terminals we need to access.
Eren Niden: The information in those terminals dates back to when Tranquility was a Human-Votan cohabitation community.
Eren Niden: If there is any data on William Parraba's origin, it can be found here.
Enforcer: Target sighted!
EGO: What was he doing here?!
Eren Niden: I'm greatly concerned if Dark Matter is involved. I don't know what interest they might have in Tranquility or the Parraba family. Keep looking.
Eren Niden: There are plenty of records on this machine, but none of them are from William.
Eren Niden: I've got birth and medical records for Rathus. William's half-brother, but nothing from William.
Eren Niden: The only records here are of William's mother: Dr. Parraba.
Eren Niden: It looks like William's medical history had been erased. And it looked like it was done by Dark Matter.
Eren Niden: It's a long trip, but I need you to hit up the mainframes in their artillery base in San Francisco.
Eren Niden: If Dark Matter is involved, there may be more to William's illness than I first thought.
Eren Niden: Ara and Nim Shondu grew up in Tranquility. Ara talks about it sometimes.
Eren Niden: When I first became the doctor in Paradise, she had me test her for every conceivable disease. She said that her brother was obsessed with some kind of designer plague that came out of Tranquility.
Eren Niden: I performed every analysis I could on her than, but I found nothing. I wish I'd had the opportunity to inspect her brother. He was supposed to be dead then, but he was just in hiding.
Eren Niden: You were instrumental in sorting out that confusion. Thank you.
EGO: I've located the Dark Matter mainframe. Let's get to work.
EGO: Hack started. I will need some time.
EGO: Done!
Eren Niden: Great! I'm receiving the data now! William's medical history will prove invaluable in this treatment.
Eren Niden: It looks like Dark Matter has been busy. I'll pass what data seems relevant to Ara Shondu and the Lawkeeper.