Episode Mission:Sibling Duties

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Sibling Duties

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Sibling Duties is an Episode Mission available in Madera.



William Parraba's condition is worsening. Eren thinks she can help him with some biological samples from his brother, Rathus. Collect what she needs to help save William.






Eren Niden: I am in need of your assistance once again, ark hunter.
Eren Niden: William's condition is worsening. I'm doing everything I can, but there's more I could do with the right samples.
Eren Niden: I need you to bring me a sample from his younger, half-brother, Rathus Parraba.
Eren Niden: It shouldn't be too difficult to get, I hope.
Eren Niden: Rathus and his brother don't get along.
Eren Niden: William's mother died in childbirth, and his father blamed the rest of humanity for her death.
Eren Niden: He remarried an Irathient nationalist, and placed William into a foster home.
Eren Niden: You may have some trouble persuading Rathus to help. He's less fond of Humans than even his parents were.

Cut scene
(Rathus jumps off the roof.)
Eren Niden: Great, now bring him here.
(A Dark Matter transport flies over and hovers above the house. Several Dark Matter troops jump out. The ark hunter and Rathus hide behind the house.)
Monitor: Rathus Parraba, we owe you a great debt for the information you provided.
Monitor: However, you have been identified as an intelligence risk.
(The Dark Matter troops cloak themselves.)
Monitor: Your secrets will die with you.

Rathus Parraba: Ugh, help me!
Rathus Parraba: My brother's a worthless skrug, but you saved my life, so I'll do this for you. I'm headed to Top-Notch to see Eren. And William.
Eren Niden: Great work.
EGO: I'm picking up a signal; I think one of the Dark Matter hailers is still active. Maybe we should check it out.
Eren Niden: Alright, Rathus is on his way. I've been able to discern a method to Dark Matter's earlier attack.
Eren Niden: They weren't after William or Rathus, they were gathering information on the Tranquility Virus. They know more than us at this point.
Eren Niden: They put together a list of sites they are going to attack. You could use that hailer to get the drop on them before they do and get that information.
EGO: I've picked up the locations from the Dark Matter hailer. Let's put a stop to them.
EGO: This is the place, and it looks like Dark Matter just arrived. Let's wipe them out.
EGO: Another Dark Matter strike force is here. They're not expecting to run into us.
EGO: This is the last location, and Dark Matter is here in force.
EGO: Dark Matter hailer traffic is dying down. They've discovered that I'm listening. They're sending out more parties, but I can't determine where. Maybe Eren has some answers.
Eren Niden: Good work, ark hunter. Rathus is here now, and I've begun synthesizing liver tissue based on his donations.
Eren Niden: William is suffering from an acute form of cirrhosis that I've never seen before.
Eren Niden: As I feared, the only explanation is that he has been exposed to the Tranquility Virus.
Eren Niden: Rathus knows where it can be found. I'll send the coordinates to your EGO. Dark Matter will be there, I'm certain. You may commence your attack when you are ready.