Episode Mission:The Heist

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The Heist

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Episode Mission


North Point Mine









Preceeded by

The Searchers

Followed by

The Departed

The Heist is an Episode Mission available in Madera.



You've discovered the location of the Libera Nova gem. Work with Nolan and Irisa to steal it back from the Raiders.


  • Enter North Point Mine
  • Search for the Libera Nova Gem
  • Eliminate all hostiles
  • Search for the Libera Nova Gem
  • Secure the room
  • Search for the Libera Nova Gem
  • Clear the hallway of hostiles
  • Search for the Libera Nova Gem
  • Escape
  • Defend your position
  • Exit North Point Mine





Josh Nolan: Gem's inside. As are lots of Raiders. Time to earn that scrip.
Josh Nolan: Alright. The gem is here somewhere, so let's find it.
Irisa Nolan: Let's make this quick.
Josh Nolan: Ready when you are.
EGO: We need to clear this area of hostiles.
Irisa Nolan: We should've had a plan!
Josh Nolan: We do! Keep shooting!
Josh Nolan: That wasn't too bad, now was it? Little loud, but-
Irisa Nolan: Nolan! Look!
Josh Nolan: Get to cover!
EGO: Raiders on the move! Eyes south!
EGO: Good work, area secured.
Irisa Nolan: Shtako! Turret guns!
Josh Nolan: We'll cover you ark hunter! Take out those generators!
EGO: I've located the generators for you. Stay low!
Josh Nolan: We're all clear! Hell of a job, team.
Josh Nolan: Me too. I have a feeling we're close to the gem, so let's move.
Josh Nolan: I'll get the doo. Be ready to shoot whatever's behind it.
Raider Blaster: Time to die!
Irisa Nolan: *battle cry*
Josh Nolan: Shoot to kill!
Josh Nolan: Get the door. We're right behind you.

Cut scene
(The group walks towards the gem)
Irisa Nolan: Is that the gem?
Josh Nolan: It sure is, kiddo. Ninety-thousand each.
(An alarm goes off)
Josh Nolan: Shtako.
Josh Nolan: Move!
(A Raider Blaster moves to overlook the group as they flee)
Raider Blaster: Time to die!
(Nolan and Irisa make it through the door as the Blaster hits the door controls and locks the ark hunter inside.)

EGO: There's an exit ahead. We've got to get to it fast!
Josh Nolan: Keep moving, Irisa! You okay down there, ark hunter?
Irisa Nolan: Focus! We got our own problems!
Josh Nolan: We'll cover you from up here! Now get the hell out of there!
Josh Nolan: What's the problem down there?
EGO: The door is locked! I'll need to hack it. Hold on.
EGO: We've got incoming hostiles from the north!
EGO: Keep doing what you're doing.
EGO: Got it!
Josh Nolan: Nice work. Now let's get the hell out of here and collect our scrip.
Josh Nolan: We're heading back to the Crater to collect our share. Maybe we'll see you there.