Episode Mission:The Searchers

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The Searchers

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Episode Mission


The Crater









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A Little Competition

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The Heist

The Searchers is an Episode Mission available in Marin.



Nolan has a business opportunity. Meet Irisa and him at the Crater and see what this big score could be.






Cut scene
(Nolan and Irisa are sitting)
Nolan: Ah. Look who it is, Irisa.
Nolan: She didn't think you have the balls to come. I never doubted you.
Nolan: Our contact is over there.
(Nolan gestures back to Varus Soleptor)
Nolan: Let's get this party started.
(Nolan, Irisa and the ark hunter head to Varus, and Varus' Echelon merc stands in their way)
Nolan: Easy, pal. We have a reservation.
Varus: Let them through.
Varus: Please. Have a seat. My apologies for the austerity, but one can't be too careful in these trying times, can they?
(Nolan takes a seat, while Irisa and the ark hunter remain standing)
Nolan: Of course not.
Varus: Then I hope you don't mind that I looked into your background, Mister Nolan. One of the Defiant Few, eh? There's several of you around these parts.
Nolan: Yeah. A handful gone, too.
Varus: Yes. The things I've found out about you, Nolan. So many useful details.
(Varus stand up and place his hand on Nolan's shoulder)
Varus: But that's what makes you good for this job. It's so much easier to trust someone who has a history so thick I can hold onto it. Like the scruff on a dog's neck. You understand, right?
Nolan: I do. Unfortunately.
Varus: Great. So, here's what we're doing. I had a shipment coming into town on an Overland, but a bunch of Raider rats heisted it from me. I need to get back what they took.
Varus: It's called the Libera Nova Gem. It's, uh, well... very important to me. Holds a cultural significance. If you recover it, you'll be paid quite handsomely.
Nolan: Handsomely's just a word. We've always been unto numbers.
Varus: 90,000 scrip.
(Irisa turns and begins to leave)
Varus: Each.
Varus: So, do we have a deal?
Nolan: I believe we do.
Varus: Good! Come back here when you find it. Now if you don't mine, I have some other business to attend to.
(Varus sits back down as Nolan, Irisa and the ark hunter leave.)
Irisa: 90,000 each? That's more than enough to get us to Antarctica!
Nolan: It is. That Libera Nova Gem must be a lot more valuable than he's letting on.
Nolan: I just mean we better find it fast, so we're gonna need to split up.
Nolan: Check out some of the Raider camps. Do some poking around. We'll be in touch.

EGO: We're in Raider territory. Let's look around and see if we can find Varus's gem.
Irisa Nolan: This is a dead end. Nolan wants you to meet us at the lawkeeper's ranch. He might know something.

Cut scene
(The ark hunter heads up to the Lawkeepers house's door and a knife flies through the air hitting a post nearby, the ark hunter turns to see Irisa)
Irisa: Nolan's inside with the lawkeeper.
(Inside the lawkeepers house, Nolan and Cooper are talking)
Nolan: I can't believe you named this place after the Iron Demons. Of all the names you could've picked.
Cooper: Maybe I should've named if Brianne Boxer Ranch.
Nolan: Aw. That's cruel. A man gets drunk and makes one mistake.
Cooper: Yeah. One mistake. Half dozen times.
Nolan: Desperate days, Coop. Desperate days.
Cooper: No level of desperation should put any self respecting man there.
(Irisa and the ark hunter enter)
Irisa: The ark hunter's here. Can we go now?
Nolan: This is who I was talking about, Coop. A real badass.
Cooper: Yeah.
Cooper: You never answered my question, Nolan.
Cooper: What are you doing in the Bay?.
Nolan: Chasing the American dream. Which is why I came by. Right now we're working for Varus.
Cooper: You should stay far away from him.
Nolan: Raiders stole something of his. We're just trying to get it back. Was hoping we could get your help, since you're the law and all.
Cooper: If Varus had an actual legal complaint, why would he hire you and not come straight to me, the man with the badge?
Nolan: That's what I was wondering, which makes me think that this property we're chasing was never his in the first place.
Nolan: Meaning what?
(Nolan notices a picture on the bench)
Cooper: Varus isn't as much of a pushover as you may think. So whatever you have planned, you better think long and hard about it. Not just for your sake.
Nolan: Crazy sons a bitches right there. You'd have fit in nicely.
(The ark hunter comes over to look at the picture: Nolan, Cooper and two others in the 9th divison)
Nolan: Let's go, kiddo. Time to roll.
(Nolan and Irisa begin to leave, the ark hunter goes to follow)
Cooper: Hey.
Cooper: Be careful And watch their back.


  • According to a time-stamped photo of Nolan and Irisa at The Crater this episode mission takes place on 12th of April, 2046.