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Traffic Report

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Iron Demon Ranch








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Digging Up Miners

Traffic Report is an Episode Mission available in Madera.



Cooper believes a Votan Trafficking Ring may have been started up in Paradise by some Raiders. Head to Pirate's Cove and check it out.


  • Head to Pirate's Cove
  • Take down the Biomen





Cut scene
(The ark hunter walks into Cooper's house. Cooper is at a console.)
Jon Cooper: Heh, I haven't seen you in a while partner - looks like you're still the same crazy badass that shows up at the right time.
(The ark hunter gives Cooper a Defiance salute)
Jon Cooper: Speaking of right time, there's been a slew of missing person reports. Catch this - they're all Iraths.
Jon Cooper: Word is that it's a new Votan Trafficking ring brewing up here in Paradise. I can't have any of that shit start up around here, if you know what I mean. You ready to make some noise?
(Cooper and the ark hunter leave.)

EGO: From the reports that Cooper gave us, it all points to the Raiders.
EGO: I don't pick up any Irathients, it looks like the Raiders are bringing in Biomen for muscle.
EGO: They spotted us!
EGO: More attackers incoming!
EGO: Here comes more of them!
EGO: More attackers incoming!

Cut scene
(Nolan comes towards the ark hunter.)
Joshua Nolan: Hey, buddy, we really did a number on those Raiders. Did you see -
(The ark hunter punches Nolan in the stomach and he falls to his knees.)
Joshua Nolan: Fair enough. I deserved that. If it makes you feel any better, Spirit Riders stole that gem from me.
Joshua Nolan: I've been looking for Irisa, you haven't seen her by chance? I figured as much. I was worried these chumps might've grabbed her, but it looks like I've got the wrong guys.
Joshua Nolan: I've been tracking this same batch of Raiders. They'd been nabbing Irathients in the great lakes area before swinging down to Hope Springs and NORAD.
Jon Cooper: Nolan? That you? I know something was up, every time there's trouble, you're not too far behind, just like that ark hunter friend of ours.
Joshua Nolan: I miss you too buddy.
Jon Cooper: If I'm right and these Raiders are trafficking Irathients, they might have caught Irisa.
Joshua Nolan: Irisa wouldn't go down without a fight. She can hold her own against a platoon of E-Rep but I hear what you're saying.
Jon Cooper: Sounds like we could both use each other's help.
Joshua Nolan: Agreed, best way is for us to split up and cover more ground.
(Nolan looks to the ark hunter.)
Joshua Nolan: You up for this?