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Eren Niden

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Rebecca Davis

"New to the Bay Area, frontier physician Eren Niden once worked alongside Doctor Meh Yewll on a classified Votanis Collective project. Each has done their best to distance themselves from this past."
- Loading screen

Eren Niden, Indogene first name Ewn [1], is a female Indogene, Koraksut (Doctor) and an employee of Top-Notch Toolworks.


Early life

Eren came to Earth aboard the Arks. During the Pale Wars, she worked with Dr. Meh Yewll on the Biodyne Project. When the Arks were being destroyed, Councilman Starrein waited until the last second to get Eren, Yewll and the Biodyne Pathogen safely off. ("Loading screen", "Intel:The Big Hero") Around 2046, Eren left the Votanis Collective and moved to the Bay Area where she met and began a relationship with Rosa Rodriguez and began working at Top-Notch Toolworks. ("Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery")

Arktech and Dark Matter

She was working when Karl Von Bach and his ark hunter arrived. ("Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery") While dissecting a specimen, Eren mentioned that she saw Echelon mercenaries talking to Varus Soleptor at the Muir Processing Plant. ("Main Mission:Distress Call") When she heard rumors that Jackleg Joe had returned to the area, Eren went to Port Stinson to learn if this was true and to protect Rosa from him. The Ninety-Niners prevented her from leaving, as she could help repair their implants. She was rescued by Rosa and the ark hunter. ("Main Mission:Something Wicked This Way Comes") When Dark Matter was preparing to activate a Terra-spire, Eren came up with the idea to take control of a number of Scrappers and use them against Datk Matter. With help from the ark hunter, she hacked the Scrappers. ("Main Mission:Automaton Allegiance") During the final assault on Dark Matter, Eren used the Scrappers to distract their forces. ("Main Mission:Defiance")

Hellbugs and Plagues

Eren went with Rynn and the ark hunter to Angel Island Bunker to examine Project Piper. After gaining access to the technology, Eren caused an overload and destroyed it. ("Episode Mission:Paying the Piper") She began examining some sick patients and discovered that an outbreak of Viral hemorrhagic fever had started. ("Data Recorder:Subject Douglas Rivers") She recommended quarantining all Irathients to stop further spread. ("Data Recorder:Quarantine Recommendation") When patients began reaching Stage IV, Eren recommended they be killed as there was nothing to be done and they would become violent. ("Data Recorder:Stage 4 Outbreak") Eren was able to create a vaccine which was disseminated through the Bay Area. When she got a message from Yewll that the disease had spread to Defiance, she joined an ark hunter to launch a supply of the vaccine using an ICBM to Defiance. ("Episode Mission:Launching the Cure")

When William Parraba, a Human-Irathient hybrid fell ill, Eren sent the ark hunter to collect his medical records from Tranquility. ("Episode Mission:On Record") Unable to help William, Eren sent the ark hunter to convince his half-brother Rathus Parraba. Eren realzied the only possibility was that William was affected by Votacide 4X and sent the ark hunter to find it. ("Episode Mission:Sibling Duties") Eren looked through the records found, noting that none of them were about a cure, but knew she could synthesize one from the data. She told the ark hunter to destroy all the other data to prevent anyone from using it again. She was able to cure William and noted how she knew that laboring under hatred made a person sick inside and hope that Humans and Votans would continue to work together. ("Episode Mission:The Tranquility Virus")


Eren sent the ark hunter to find information on the EGO device and had them collect EGO fragments to help her create a modification to prevent the new EGO strain developed by Von Bach from affecting the ark hunter. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Ghost in the Machine") She was able to create a modification but it was not completely effective. ("Main Mission:Alter Ego: Enter the Master") She had to purge one of these new EGO devices from Cass Ducar. ("Intel:Happy Returns") She sent the ark hunter to examine the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light and their EGO devices. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: The Guiding Light") She sent the ark hunter on the pilgrimage that the Pilgrims had invited her on to see what it encountered. When they discovered the Pilgrims were led by Yargad Gorhash Eren refused to have anything to do with them. ("Main Mission:Pilgrims: Pilgrim's Progress") Eren worked with the ark hunter to purge the divergent EGO from Karl Von Bach after he was able to briefly gain control of his body back. ("Main Mission:Possession: Bach to Square One") When the assassin Nujekpe was coming for her, Eren set a trap in Mine 99 for him. Rosa and the ark hunter came to help her stop the assassin. ("Main Mission:Possession: Missing in Action")