Good Bye Blue Sky

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Good Bye Blue Sky is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Defiance.


A Razor rain storm hits Defiance, inflicting damage on the town. Sukar is killed in the storm but during a funerary ritual, he comes back to life, claiming to be on a holy mission from Irzu. He begins stealing things from town to build a transmitter.



All-Faith, Ark, Ark-Brain, Ark-Brain Interface, Ark Belt, Ark Module, Artie Winston, Badlands, Ben Daris, Blood, Camp Reverie, Casti, Darby Building, Defiance, Defiance Clinic, Defiance Lawkeeper's office, Dodge Charger, Earth, Famairu, Fosuthinaramndan's Garage, Gateway Arch, Hailer, Iowa, Irathient Sinking ritual, Irzu, Keinti, l'Irathi, Liberata, Liro, Lokyulo Dwoken, McCawley Residence, Nanite, NeedWant, Pilar McCawley, Raider Radio, Razor rain, Roller, Semma Cru, Solomon Birch, Spirit Riders, Stahma's father, Terraforming, Volge, Votan


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