Government under fire for cover-up

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Government under fire for cover-up is an article from The Manhattan Herald published on March 22, 2013.


WASHINGTON, D.C. Following last night's confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial life, throngs of media have descended on the capitol, demanding to know why this news was kept from the public for over ten years. Government officials maintain the information was withheld for the public's own safety – a stance that's been upheld by previous administrations. Similar demonstrations are being held around the globe as citizens look to their leaders for answers. Public anxiety has surged and stock markets have tumbled, as the world waits for the arrival of the alien fleet. As Brian Bouchard, head of the People's Council for Honest Governance remarked: "It makes you wonder... if they didn't tell us about this, what else are they holding back?"

According to reports, the alien ships were first detected in early 2000. Rumors of the cover up appeared on the internet as early as 2007, but were initially dismissed as conspiracy theories. However, the story gained credence over the past few weeks as the first pieces of hard evidence were brought to light – emails from top NASA advisors, photos from our long-range telescopes, and transcripts of classified conversations between various world leaders. As evidence mounted and the arrival date neared, those same leaders were pressured into revealing the truth.

In February of 2000, NASA contacted the White House to alert the government of their unprecedented findings. Deep space probes had detected an anomaly which scientists believed to be vessels moving at nearly the speed of light. A council of experts convened, discussing everything from science and military policy to economics and sociology. Hundreds of questions were raised. How would the aliens' arrival impact society? The economy? What new and unknown viruses could they introduce to our world? And if the worst should happen – if the aliens' intentions proved hostile – how could Earth possibly defend itself?

In an unprecedented display of global cooperation, billions of dollars were funneled into military research. Speaking yesterday morning from the Rose Garden, the President Obama confirmed the existence of several of these top-secret military programs. The first of which is the formation of the Earth Military Coalition, ratified in secret by the U.N. back in 2000. Over the past ten years, the EMC has made a series of technological breakthroughs, including the Bioman project – designed to create a new breed of genetically engineered super-soldier. This announcement has sparked controversy, as human rights groups argue over the moral dilemma posed by the first fully-synthetic sentient being. Another shocking revelation concerns antigravity technology that could one day power everything from tanks to helicopters. One source within the Pentagon even went so far as to suggest the possibility of a flying aircraft carrier, or "stratocarrier."

World leaders are expected to come together soon for a joint announcement to calm the public's current fears, while urging patience until the world learns more about the aliens' true intentions. [CONTINUED ON PAGE 3]