Gulanee vessel

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Gulanee vessel

 Technographic information



Gulanee vessel, also known as a Containment suit or a Battle suit, is a Gulanee containment device.


Different types of suits exist, some are short and rounded and others are slender and feminine-like, with multiple arms. ("Explosions 101", "This Woman's Work") Some people believe the inclusion of gender specific details in the suits are the Indogene showing their sense of humor. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18")


The Indogene created these suits for the Gulanee to be able to move about on Earth. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18") Varus Soleptor obtained one of these and used it to draw Dy'Dekuso to him, trapping Dekuso inside. ("Data Recorder:Containment Suit") Two men were stealing things from a warehouse on 101 Keys Island and activated the suit, releasing Dekuso. ("Data Recorder:Soleptor Warehouse - 84/221SES") A vessel of a Gulanee that landed near Defiance was destroyed, after the Gulanee was stopped by a Pulse Rebounder. ("This Woman's Work")