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"Gulanite is a mineral that originated in the Votanis System and has been duplicated on Earth through the terraforming process. It is the primary source of power for all arktech."
- Loading screen

Gulanite is a mineral.


Gulanite exists as a bright blue crystal which gives off a soft glow. ("World of 2047: Technology") Gulanite can be refined into Petrohol. ("World of 2047: 2047 Map") Hellbugs eat gulanite as a digestive aid and excrete a form of unrefined petrohol. ("World of 2046: Aliens", "Loading screen") Gulanite crystals can be condensed into half their size while supplying the same amount of energy. ("Side Mission:Half the Size, Twice the Profit") A liquidized form of gulanite exists as a green liquid that may be used as a fuel. ("Side Mission:Pools of the North") The mineral can be used as an explosive. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") A concentrated version of gulanite crystals exists. ("Main Mission:Dark Crystals") Raw gulanite can be re-crystalized on the atomic level to form Caeruleum. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18") A unique version known as Purified Gulanite exists. ("Arrival of the Ex Inanis!")


The mineral originally existed near the core of the gas giant Gula in the Votanis System. ("Inside Defiance: Episode 18") In 3175 BCE, Indogene scientists discovered the Gulanee on Gula and made a deal for the gulanite, offering up space aboard the Arks to the Gulanee. ("World of 2046: Timeline of the Future") The mineral was recreated on Earth during the terraforming. ("Your Future Awaits!") The Ninety-Niners have a strong desire to obtain and stockpile large quantities of gulanite. ("Intel:The 99ers", "Side Mission:Follow the Money") Ben Daris stole 20kg of Gulanite, using 2kg to collapsed a tunnel in the McCawley Mines and the rest on building a bomb to destroy the nuclear reactor in old St. Louis, but the bomb was disabled before it detonated. ("Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go") An ark hunter obtained some concentrated gulanite crystals to use in an Ark Spike. ("Main Mission:Dark Crystals")

The Earth Republic extracted over a million tonnes of Gulanite from the McCawley Mines. ("Bottom Of The World") The Omec T'evgin and Kindzi used Omec Terraformers to begin mining and collecting gulanite to refuel the Tsuroz. ("The World We Seize") A deal was made for half of the gulanite to be given to Defiance which allowed them to bring the power back online. ("The Last Unicorns") Enough gulanite was collected to repower the ship and to begin to awaken the other Omec in stasis. The fuel was used to propel the Tsuroz away from Earth and into deep space. ("Upon the March We Fittest Die")