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 Technographic information



A Hailer is a communication device.


Hailers can contact multiple frequencies and display names and pictures of other people's hailers, which can be favorited. ("A Well Respected Man") Hailers have a timer function in them. ("Pilot") Hailers have a limited range. ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem") Their signals can be blocked by rock formations. ("Bottom Of The World") When a hailer is called, it is called "chirping". ("My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You") Omec Drones interfere with Hailer signals. ("Of a Demon in My View")

Known frequencies


Jon Cooper tracked Paul Hammes using his hailer. ("Side Mission:Another Lost Soul") Kenya Rosewater dropped her hailer when she was abducted, leading it to be found by a child. The child offered information about Kenya in exchange for 20 Scrip and keeping the hailer. ("A Well Respected Man") Dark Matter used hailers to communicate when looking for information on Project Tranquility, which allowed an ark hunter to track their operations. ("Episode Mission:Sibling Duties") Raider hailers were engagaged to allow an ark hunter to track Raider activity. ("Episode Mission:A Milk Run")